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Ana Code of Ethics Summary

Introduction There are nine provisions included in the ANA code of ethics. The provisions can be broken Into three categories. The first category Is the nurse’s ethical responsibilities to her patient which is provisions one through three.

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Second is the nurse’s obligation to herself, provisions four through six. The third ethical requirement for nurses Is related to their relationship to the nursing profession, community, nation, and world overall. This focus is summarized in provisions seven through nine [ (American

Nurses Association, 2013) J. Provisions 1-3 The first three provisions relate to the nurse’s responsibility to treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless of that Individual’s background, ethnicity, or the nature or severity of their illness, as well as making the patient the primary concern and advocating for them. There Is absolutely no room for discrimination in the nursing profession. “One of the simplest principles of distributive Justice is that of strict or radical equality.

The principle says that every person should have the same bevel of material goods and services” [ (Mason, Alleviate, & Chaffed, 2012, p. 83) l. The Bible also supports the principle of treating others with dignity and respect as stated in 1 Pet 2:AAA: “Show proper respect to everyone.