An Analysis Of Singapore Airlines Performance Commerce Essay

Singapore Airlines has been a major discovery in the air power universe. It has been systematically been executing good against their rivals. It is besides regarded as the best air hose in the universe. We examine how SIA has achieved its impressive public presentation and be able to stay competitory throughout its history. Besides, we examine the strategic success through distinction by agencies of service excellence and invention, together with cost leading issue. We take into history the critical factors every bit good as organizational factors that provide competitory advantage for Singapore Airlines. We discuss in inside informations about the “ Singapore Girl ” , In-flight service, Training, Customer feedback, Team spirit, Tripartite agreement, Strategic hub, Alliances, Governmental Support, Cost-saving.


SIA started its service as Malayan Airways in 1947. Following a common understanding between the Malaysian and Singaporean Government over the split of the Malaysia Singapore Airlines, two new air hoses were formed viz. SIA and Malaysia Airways. The freshly formed SIA began its operation in 1972. As Malaysia Airways took over the domestic paths, SIA decided to concentrate on international web to vie for paths, acquire the rights to set down on different international airdromes, set up bilateral understandings, buying flight slots and set uping set downing rights. Furthermore, SIA went on to buy Boeing 747 Jumbo jets and besides cargo services were offered excessively. Following 7 old ages in service, the aircraft were traded for new and more efficient aircraft. SIA has a policy of maintaining immature fleet as a scheme for clients to believe of better safety. SIA besides decided to spread out its fleet which included a mix of Boeing and Airbus aircraft. SIA is regarded the best air hose in the universe following the legion awards they have received. To hold been acclaimed such a good repute and been keeping it for old ages, it has non been an easy nut to check down. Harmonizing to Chan ( 2000 ) analysis, he suggests that SIA has been so successful since they implement a double scheme affecting distinction through first-class in-flight service and invention, together with cost leading in its direction. However, Porter ( 1985 ) argued that distinction and cost leading must be reciprocally sole since they require alternate agencies of investings. Furthermore, we examine the critical and organizational factors involved for the strategic success of SIA harmonizing to the Chan ( 2000 ) instance surveies.

1. Customer Focus Strategy

SIA is a service industry. Its top precedence is to heighten client service and besides better the service and merchandise they offer to run into and fulfill clients ‘ demand alternatively of following cost salvaging construct normally implemented by the traditional U.S air hoses. SIA adopt a customer-focused scheme alternatively of concentrating on rivals or themselves foremost. Although it involves a high cost, SIA net income border has non been affected. This clearly shows that if an air hose wants to be successful, it has to take the hazard to offer better client service, which in bend involves higher investing but finally basking a higher output of net income. This is what SIA implemented and so far has been successful in its quest. SIA was besides the first air hose to concentrate on client service construct and besides heightening its repute of supplying quality service and it is ingrained in the heads of clients. This so helps SIA to be in the pole place for sustainable competitory advantage.

2. Marketing Weapon: “ Singapore Girl ”

Furthermore, in order to develop and implement high quality service criterions, SIA uses the “ Singapore Girl ” icon as its selling arm of great cordial

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An Analysis Of Singapore Airlines Performance Commerce Essay
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reception service to clients. With such a simple and genius thought, SIA has been so successful for the past 25 old ages with no mark of ruin. This has been greatly awarded and has earned a positive and singular repute such that it is being displayed at the Famed Madame Tussaud ‘s Museum in London. The “ Singapore Girl ” is ever featured in the advertisement magazines or layouts even if SIA is advancing new finishs, bigger aeroplanes, or even new repasts on-board. This is because the bottom line for SIA is to present quality service and that “ Singapore Girl ” is the perfect illustration to show that service. A pilot, an aircraft applied scientist or a celebrated chef will non be suited to present the message of “ quality service ” to clients. SIA air hostesss are dressed in a beautiful Malay sarong kebaya, designed by celebrated manner house, Pierre Balmain ( Chan, 2002a ) . SIA ‘s nucleus competences include marketing accomplishments developed by its top direction and the interpersonal accomplishments of its flight attenders harmonizing to ( Ayob, 2010 ) . Making the flight every bit gratifying as possible is the aim of SIA.

3. Training

SIA has adopted a rigorous and selective attack for staff enlisting. It is based on an intensive and comprehensive preparation where the most suited and efficient staffs are selected for an ongoing 4 month class which is considered the longest preparation of all time every bit compared to other air hoses. Some of the specific subjects covered during the preparation are safety, proviso of service reflecting heat and friendliness, beautiful tips, treatments of epicure nutrient, all right vinos and the art of conversation. These subjects antecedently mentioned if good assimilated by the selected campaigners, will supply a major encouragement to SIA and besides to its clients due to the fact that the attenders will hold sensible cognition of the things that clients might inquire during the flight. As these subjects covered up most if non all of the information that usually riders tend to inquire. The preparation is besides conducted during period of economic crisis as it will assist the air hose to travel frontward in service quality betterment as other air hoses might travel back to salvage cost and besides it proves to the staffs that uninterrupted betterment are of import for success ( Kauffman ) . Furthermore, SIA believes that employees play an of import portion in conveying success to the air hose. Its flight attenders, together with its pilots come from different cultural backgrounds and are able to pass on to riders in different linguistic communications depending where they fly to.

4. Customer service and In-flight service

In 1972, SIA became the first air hose to supply free nutrient and alcoholic drinks on its flights regardless of category, every bit good as in-flight amusement at no excess cost. Passengers are served with delightful, gourmet nutrient and the flight attenders pay peculiar attending to detail. Furthermore, SIA has one flight attender for every 22 seats which is good above the industry norm. SIA will even function instant noodles on petition. In 1997, SIA introduced the Electronic Ticketing for flights from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and Penang. In the same twelvemonth, it launched advanced in-flight amusement offering riders sing and listening options from a broad assortment of 20 films, 20 short characteristics and about 50 Cadmiums. Besides, First Class, Raffles Class and PPS Club members were provided internet check-in service when winging out of Singapore in 1996 ( Chan, 2000a, p.7 ) . SIA is besides really good at managing people state of affairs in such a manner that if of all time SIA promises to present the baggage in 10 proceedingss, so it will lodge to that promise ( Ramaswamy 2002 ) . Furthermore what SIA wants to accomplish is that they want to do the clients aware that they are non merely paying to transport them from one state to another, but besides that they are basking the service offered to them on board and besides that they feel comfy and non like stuck in an enclosed compartment particularly on a long-haul flight which is rather raging. SIA wants to indicate out that they are viing to be the best air hose in the industry but alternatively they are viing to be the best service administration alternatively. To accomplish that, SIA benchmark themselves non merely against their rivals but to the best in category service companies. With respect to business-level scheme, SIA manage to present quality service to clients ( accomplishing distinction ) , at a degree of costs that approach those of a budget bearer. This accomplishment challenges Porter ‘s suggestion that distinction and cost leading are reciprocally sole. ( Heracleous et al. , 2009 ) .

5. Customer feedbacks

SIA does seek feedback from its riders in order to better its quality service. In 1998, a study on 4000 riders from all the categories was conducted. It involves information from riders from different flights viz. London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Mumbai and Hong Kong ( Chan, 2000b ) . Comfort, privateness and the experience that SIA offered were the chief issues involved. So, an immediate action was taken by SIA whereby a squad of specialized people started to restitute and implement what was necessary to be done. For illustration, SIA renovated the made-to-order seats to cashmere covers. SIA wage peculiar attending to clients ‘ demand as a resource for invention thoughts.

6. Cost economy

SIA focuses its cost economy scheme at the direction degree. Aircraft care, catering and security are run and managed as subordinates. This is planned since SIA will hold a better control of the costs this manner. As a consequence, SIA has generated a better-cost nest eggs and besides increased its net income border ( Asiatic Business Review, 1996, p.34 ) . Furthermore, SIA relocated and outsourced its database and processing maps to much cheaper Mumbai in India and Beijing in China.

7. Strategic flexibleness

Hax and Wilde ( 2001, p. 114-5 ) believe that in a fast-changing universe, “ Strategic flexibleness can bring forth higher net incomes by assisting a company stay absolutely tuned to the market and avoid acquiring trapped in dead-end concern theoretical accounts ” . SIA has been implementing the construct “ flexibleness ” by come ining into new markets- opening new paths. Since SIA does non hold any domestic paths to function, it has to look for paths that even originate in 3rd states winging to another 3rd state. Furthermore, to assist spread out its web of flights, SIA has code-sharing understandings with about 20 air hoses, including cardinal partnerships with Delta Airlines and Swissair. SIA, Delta Airlines and Swisssair are besides spouses of the Global Excellence Alliance, each keeping 5 % equity bets in the other two. ( Chan, 2000b ) . Constructing up confederations as a scheme to stay competitory in the planetary market is aboriginal presents for air hoses to be a success as noted by Johnstone ( 1996 ) . Harmonizing to Hanlon ( 1996 ) , holding a strategic hub strengthens the strategic competitory place of an air hose. Singapore is a really good illustration of a strategic hub which contributes to the success of SIA. Furthermore, SIA presents themselves as attractive spouses with other air hoses to construct planetary strategic confederations and webs. In 1998, SIA had a strategic understanding with Lufthansa. This has allowed SIA the chance to hold a strategic European hub in its international web and frailty versa. SIA riders going between Singapore and Frankfurt can now bask more flights to take from due to the understanding made.

8. Governmental Support

The Singaporean Government plays an of import function in negociating actively for favorable air understandings and agreements with other states. It besides helps in the development of Singapore Airlines and Singapore ‘s Changi Airport every bit good. With the coaction of the Singapore Government, SIA and Changi Airport, wholly have distinguishable strategic competitory advantage and has helped SIA in their pursuit for success in the international air power universe ( Business Traveller- Asia Pacific, 1997b, p.3 ) .

9. Team Spirit

SIA adopts a airy, “ can-do ” and animating attack which motivates its squad members. BHAGs are used in SIA scheme to bring forth squad spirit and that is the ground behind SIA success harmonizing to Chan ( 2000 ) . The squad spirit is built within its 6600 crew members through a little group of 13 crew members who are formed and wing together to beef up their relationship in the workplace and besides better the civilization of cost effectual service excellence and the equal force per unit area to present SIA promise to clients harmonizing to Heracleous et Al ( 2009 ) . Furthermore Doganis ( 2006 ) noted that the productiveness of SIA employees is one of the highest in the planetary air hose industry.


Meanwhile, critics and rivals complain that much of SIA ‘s success is due to environmental factors and the function of authorities instead than its ain capablenesss. Analysts note that one benefit of Temasek ‘s 54.5 % interest is lower sensed debt hazard by loaners and therefore lower cost of adoption ( even though SIA does non necessitate to borrow significantly ) . The industrial dealingss climate in Singapore is deemed to be less adversarial than elsewhere, enabling SIA to implement policies that would hold caused significantly more clash in many other air hoses. Critics besides suggest that SIA ‘s acquisitions have non fared that good. In 1999 SIA bought 49 % of Virgin Atlantic, and wrote away 95 % of the investing shortly after 9/11. In 2000 it acquired a 25 % interest in Air New Zealand, which was earnestly impacted by the prostration of its debt-laden Australian arm, Ansett Airlines ; this investing was besides written

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An Analysis Of Singapore Airlines Performance Commerce Essay
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