American Literature Test A

According to Smith in “John Smith’s Relation to Queen Anne of Pocahontas,” what phrase best describes Pocahontas?
a brave, noble young woman
Who was appointed the first governor of the Pilgrim colony?
John Carver
What did Bradford and the Pilgrims first think of the New England landscape?
it was horrifying
In Of Plymouth Plantation, Book I, what happens to one of the ship’s crew who is especially mean to the Pilgrims?
he dies from a disease
In The General History of Virginia, what was the Indians’ initial reaction to John Smith when he first tried to trade with them?
with ridicule
According to Bradford, which of the following was not on the menu of the first Thanksgiving?
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How did Coyote trick Bear?
he pretended to control nature
What was used to return the chief’s daughters home?
How did Bear discover Coyote’s dishonesty?
when Coyote jumped when Bear reached for something
According to The General History, what did John Smith accomplish?
all of the above
What happened to Mary Rowlandson when the Indians attacked her village?
she was wounded and taken into captivity
How many of Taylor’s poems were published in his lifetime?
Edward Taylor refers to whom in “Meditation 8” as “Heaven’s Sugar Cake”?
Anne Bradstreet was the daughter of
the steward of the estates of the Earl of Lincoln
What word or phrase best describes Rowlandson’s attitude toward the Indians?
odious heathens
While among the Indians, what did Rowlandson make that she traded for food or money?
articles of clothing
Edward Taylor was
a pastor and a college president’s grandfather
What happened to Rowlandson’s six-year-old daughter?
she was taken into captivity where she died
What common household item of the time does Taylor wish God to make him in the poem “Huswifery”?
a spinning wheel
Anne Bradstreet lived most of her life as a mother and housewife.
What was Woolman’s response when ordered to house soldiers for pay?
he housed a soldier but refused the pay
William Byrd suggested in his writing that a way to convert the Indians was to…
marry them
What does Byrd talk to Bearskin about
What religion is John Woolman?
What did John Woolman do to a robin when he was a young boy?
killed it with stones
Why did Woolman and some other Quakers refuse to pay taxes?
they didn’t support the war
In Woolman’s Journal, what do individuals of his time argue to justify slavery?
Negroes are descendents of Cain
What was John Woolman’s first job outside the home?
bookkeeper and shopkeeper
Why does Woolman object to participating in the French and Indian War?
religious principles
What city did William Byrd found and name?
Richmond, Virginia