american history midterm study guide

who was the author of the declaration of independence?
unalienable rights consist of?
life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
who wrote common sense and why?
thomas paine; to persuade peoplet orevolt against england
what was the turning point of the american revolution?
what was the last battle of the american revolution?
what valley kept the army there during the american revolution?
valley forge
what does federalism consist of in the constitution?
political system in which power is divided between the national and state governments
in the constitution, the supremacy clause deals with what?
this clause establishes teh constitution, laws passed by congress, and treaties of the us “shall b ethe supreme law of the land”. this recognizes the constitution adn federal laws as supreme when in conflict with those of the states
in the constitution, the concurrent powers consist of what?
the states and federal government share powers
in the constitution, the reserved powers deal wiht?
states only
what were essays written to ratify the constitution?
federalist papers
who were the author of the federalist papers?
madison, hamilton, and jay
what established a new court system?
judiciary act of 1789
what does the executive branch do?
enforce laws
whaat does the legislative branch do?
make laws
what does the judicial branch do?
interpret laws
what is a rationale?
group of essays
what doubled the size of the u.s.?
louisiana purchase
what did jefferson use to purchase louisiana?
a loose interpretation of the constitution
who was sent to buy west florida and new orleans?
monroe and livingston
who sold the louisiana purchase to the u.s.?
who was sent to explore the western u.s.?
lewis and clark
what did the war of 1812 gain?
a strong sense of nationalism
the treaty of ghent was signed before what battle?
battle of new orleanss
what battle should not have been fought?
battle of new orlean
who write the star spangled banner?
francis scott key
from who did the president ask for advice?
kitchen cabinet
what led farmers inot southest texas with agreement o fmexican government?
trail of tears
what is it called whe clay wins election, and appoints adams?
corrupt bargain
who was a reformer having to do with education?
horace mannn
who considered property? these events led up to the civil war
dred scott
bleeding kansas had to do with what?
free state or slave state
what is it called when missouri becomes a slave state and maine is a free state?
missouri compromise of 1820
what compromise california to have a fugitive slave law?
compromise of 1850
what split the national democratic party; also cause freeport doctrin?
licoln douglas debate
in the election of 1850, lincoln was a ________, that wanted to ________.
republican;stop spread of slavery
in thhe electioin of 1850, breckinridge was a ___________, that wanted to _______________.
southern democrat;enforce dred scott decision
in the election of 1850, johnbell was a ______________, and he wanted to _____.
constitutional union; compromise
in the election of 1850, stephan douglas was a __________, that wanted __________
southern democrat;popular sovereignty
in the 1st bull run/ manassas, they knew it would be ________________.
a long war
licoln introduces emancioation proclomation in waht battle?
what was the turning point in the civil wa?
control of mississippi river?
during the civil war, teh surrender occured where?
the appomattax court house
licoln and johnson?
political for north
davis and stephens?
political for south
robert e. lee?
military for south
u.s. grant?
military for north
fort sumpter?
arpil 6, 1862
september 17, 1862
july 1, 1863
sherman’s march to the sea?
what was the plans for the north called and what did it consist of?
anaconda plan; blockade ports, capture mississippi river and capture richmond
what was the souths plans for war?
to have a defensive army
who were people from the north who went to teh south fro business?
who were people from the south who didnt like carpetbaggers?
who were plantation owerners that got money from the bank?
crop lien
what was it called when you share money with laborers?
which ammendment abolished slavery?
which ammendment granted citizenship adn voided 3/5ths compromise?
which ammendment granted the right to vote?
got 10% vote and 13th ammendment?
who used pocket veto?
wade davis bill
whose plan had 50%vote with 13 and 14 ammendment?
johnsonn plan
waht is it called when hayes wins election with promise to remove troops; ends construction?
compromis of 1877
waht was the goal of manifest destiny?
to reeach te pacific
(be able to locate on map)
gadsden purchase?
joint resolution?
waht was obtained after the war?
13 colonies, mexican cession
treaties? (2)
oregon and florida
what did buffalo bill cody invent?
billly the kid?
who was glorified because he killed a lot of people in the west?
promontory point, utah
where did the where did teh union pacific and the central pacific railraods join, connecting the east and the west?
transcontinental railroad?
a railway system extending across the continent?
homestead act.. _____acres?
who wrote the dime novels?
ned buntline
what did the dime novels consist of?
exaggerations of west
waht did the barbed wire fences start?
range wars
robber barons?
boss tweedd?
tammany hall; example of corrupt politicians
who was a cartoonist that came up with political party animals?
thomas nast
survival of the fittest (in business)?
social darwinism
what was the result of president jackson ignoring a surpreme court ruling?
trail of tears
what would allow an individual to file for a homestead and claim up to 160 acres of public k=land and could recieve a title to that land after lvining there fpr 5 years? also ecouraged people to move west
homestead act
who was thomas nast?
political issues are sometimes influenced by ?
english colonies in the new world were inspired by?
spanish gove economically, politically
who was leader of mexican forces at santa ana?
after reconstruction, why was teh term “solid south made”?
voting continued to go to democrats
restraint over presidents by congres?
vetos, impeach
judicial review in marbury vs madison? who?
john marshal