American History Chapter 9

Triple Alliance
Germany Italy and Austria Hungary
The aggressive build up of armed forces to intimidate and threaten other nations
Triple Entente
britain France and Russia later the united states
The feeling of intense pride in one’s homeland caused european tension and competition
The idea that people who share a national identity should have their own country and government
Nationalism led to a crisis in southeastern Europe “power keg”
The idea that a country can increase its power and wealth by controlling other peoples countries
Franz Fedinand
Archduke was shot by a group of serbian nationalists
information designed to influence opinion
William McAdoo
secretary of the treasury strongly pro British and limited geramn lones
good prohibited from shipment to germany and its allies
Germany used these to sink any ship they found in the water around britain
British passenger ship sunk by u boats
Sussex Pledge
Germany pledging to stop sinking merchant ships without warning in an effort to keep the united states out of war
Zimmerman Telegram
German officail sent telegram to mexico trying to persuede mexico to become an ally of germany in a war with the united states intercepted by the british last straw america entered the war
War Industries Board
WIB established to coordinate the production of war materials
Victory gardens
encouraged familes to grow their own vegetables and not eat as much meat to leave food for the troops
National War Labor Board
established to prevent stikes from disrupting the war effort(NWLB) wanted better wages and 8 hour woarkdays
Great Migration
when henry ford was desperate for workers he recruited many african americans from the south it greatly altered the racial makeup of these cities
migratation in america
war encouraged people to migrate mesicans headed north
Committee on Public Information
created by Wilson supposed to “sell” the war to the American people
spying to acquire government information The espionage act made it illegal to aid the ememy give false reports or interfere with the war effort
Sedition Act
made it llegal to speak against the war publicly
Selective service
required all men between 21 and 30 to register for the draft a lottery randomly determined the order in which they were called
No mans land
the space between opposing trenches
New technology
Gas and tanks and aircraft
propoosed that merchant ships and troop transports be gathered into groups
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
signed with Germany lost a lot of territory and they pulled out of the war
John J Pershing
comander of the American Expeditionary Force
Battle of the Argonne Forest
leg by general Pershing attacked germans germany retreated
Alvin York
york took command after many men on his platoon were killed received the medal of honor
Eddie Rickenbacker
he fought in 134 air battles shot down 26 aircraft people top american combat pilot awarded the congressional medal of honor
a truce or an agreement signed by germany on 11-11-1918
treaty of Versailles
big four wilson lloyd george clemenceau and orlando russia was not invited
Fourteen points
peace plan by wilson shot down
national self-determination
an idea that the borders of countries should be based on people who feel that they are a nation should be allowed to have their own country
league of nations
help preserce peace by pledging to respect and protect each other’s territory and political independence
treaty of versailles
signed by germany designed to punish and weaken them had to acknowledge that the war was their fault and pay rparations
monetary compensation for all of the war damage they had caused
greatly increased the cost of living lead to stikes
General strike
a strike that incolces all workers in a community not just workers in a particular industrySeattle strike
Boston police strike
75 percent of the police force walked off the job riots and looting erupted in the city forcing calvin coolidge to call in the national guard
steel strike
steelworkers went on strike for highter pay shorter hours and recognition of their union
red Scare
the fear that communists might seize power people believed bombings were the work of radicals trying to destory the american way of life
J edgar hoover
a special division within the justice department was established by palmer hoover was the head of the FBI

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