American History Chapter 3 Review

describe the typical duties of a colonial governor
executed local laws, appointed minor officials and summoned and dismissed colonial assemblies. Had the power to veto colonial laws.
How were judges chosen
the king would appoint them
what were the duties of the Board of Trade
nominated colonial governors, reviewed all laws passed by the local colonial legislature.
loosely related policies to obtain gold and silver
what is meant by a ‘favorable balance of trade’?
selling more goods abroad than were imported
Albany Plan
Proposed by Benjamin Franklin in 1754 as an attempt to form a union of the colonies. Later used to help form the Articles of Confederation.
the Navigation acts
designed to bring gold and silver into the British treasury.
Navigation Acts of 1660
set itno play to develop the imperial merchant and fleet to channel the flow of a colonial raw materials
enumerated articles under the Navigation Act of 1660
sugar, tobacco, cotton, ginger and dyes
how did the Great Awakening impact the colonies
by expanding their beliefs and developments across the globe, they also grew wealthy from this.
the minister who was a great orator and was behind the surge of religious enthusiasm in Georgia
George Whitefield
the colleges that were funded because the Great Awakening
Princeton(College of NJ), Brown(college of Rhode Island), and Rutgers(Queens College in New Brunswick)
Enlightenment writer who found an audience in America
John Locke
2 other names for French and Indian War
7 Years War and War of the Conquest
Describe the cost of the French and Indian War for Great Britain
The British Government had borrowed heavily from British and Dutch bankers to finance the war, and as a consequence the national debt almost doubled from £75 million in 1754 to £133 million in 1763. In order to address this onerous liability, British officials turned to larger import duties on enumerated goods like sugar and tobacco, along with a series of high excise (sales) taxes on goods such as salt, beer, and spirits
Who was sent into the Virginia territory to reclaim the Ohio Companies
Major General Braddock
The impact on land of the peace terms by the Treaty of Paris ….
FRANCE=The terms of the Treaty of Paris were harsh to losing France. All French territory on the mainland of North America was lost.
GREAT BRITAIN=The British received Quebec and the Ohio Valley.
SPAIN=The port of New Orleans and the Louisiana Territory west of the Mississippi were ceded to Spain for their efforts as a British ally.
English leader who took ove the leadership effort for the French and Indian War
William Pitt

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