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American Films and Northern Lights

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Remember how you felt in that moment when you realized there was a big world out there that needed exploring? I don’t remember the first time I saw a photo of Iceland. I know it was of the Northern Lights on a starry night with snow covered mountains in the background. I knew I had get there but, for years, I kept putting it off.

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And, In that time, my expectations for Iceland became very high.

The friendly coals, untouched mountains, Northern Lights, being alone with nature – I built It all up In my head. And, now that I am here, I can safely say Iceland has exceeded my expectations beyond my wildest dreams. There are places you love and then there are places you carry inside forever. Places that change you. They are, In Hemingway words,”a movable feast”. For me, Iceland Is one of those places. I knew It from the first moment I got here.

From the warm locals to the untouched landscape to magic f the Northern Lights, Iceland has changed me. It’s made me remember the need to slow down. Life is too short to only look at pictures. It’s too short to look at someone else’s journey and say “one day, I’ll go there”. So today’s main blob post features ten new websites that will help you reach your travel goals quicker by helping you plan better and travel cheaper. Because your travel dreams shouldn’t stay dreams but should become moments you remember.