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American Dream Essay Conclusion Example

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In the American dream, every individual regardless of nationality and social class, bears an equal opportunity of attaining success and prosperity in life. It is believed that anyone can achieve the dream through hard work, sacrifice, risk-taking rather than by chance. However, Asian Americans don't fit reality because of the stereotypes of wealth. Individuals from a low class can easily be differentiated from those coming from a high ranked social status. The Asian Americans, Chinese and white Americans have different perceptions of the rich and poor, thereby not fitting into the American dream. Moreover, the aspect of social class is significantly displayed in prime-time television, which is in contradiction to the American dream. For the most Asia film about American dream, the characters hold occupation according to the rank of their class. Also, various characters’ personality traits are portrayed about their social status, and they thereby communicate a lot on the social level, the American dream of today, and the economic situation.

American dream not like people thought in their mind and it much harder for Asia people to become successful. “There was a stereotype about Asians being rich because they live here in San-Francisco; like we must be made of money” (Wessler 361). Also, based on the aspect of class position, education, and income, people think that Asian Americans are at the top, and they earn more than any other group, including the whites, and many of them graduate from colleges. However, this is not the case since, as the different parts of the country, they greatly suffer income inequality, and they are also divided into the rich and the poor. Despite having a significant class advantage, a large number of them experience high poverty levels and disparities. Also, just as traditional beliefs, the majority of individuals believe that private institutions are made for the rich. There are cities like San-Francisco that are believed to be for the rich, thereby making the cost of living higher for a low or middle-class individual. People who want to live in the city need to work much harder to stay in the city.

The scenario is similar to the television Show called A native of Beijing in New York. It’s about a man and wife want to chase their American dream in the New York city, but they didn’t success in the end (Zheng). Many Chinese people choose to come to the US, and they believe their American dream come true, but almost all of them will believe them in the right place at the wrong time. “Everyone has an equal chance to succeed. Success in the United States requires no more than hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance: ‘In American, anyone can become a billionaire; it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time” (Mantsios 145). People think they have equal opportunity to be successful in the US. In the television show, every person brings their American dream arrive in the US at first time. In the beginning of the episode, the main character first come to the US with his American dream. People who want to be success require not only for his hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance; it also needs the person to understand laws in the country. One of the reasons for the main character’s business failed is he didn’t understand bankruptcy protection law. In the American society, people never have equal chance to be succeed.

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Furthermore, the national figures will always be pulled by specific communities with high income. “In the 1970s and 1980s for example, many south Asian immigrants came to the United States with high levels of education to study in graduate programs and were able to enter into middle class professions that provided the basis for upward mobility. But others, including Cambodian and other southern Asian communities, often migrated as refugees, arriving in the US with little in the way of financial resources or skills immediately transferable to high paying jobs” (Wessler 362). In the television show, the main character is a cellist without high education in China. In the other words, this main character with talented with cello and he is middle class in China. The cellist believe he can have better life in the US because they believe they can find a high pay job. However, the cellist doesn’t have high education since he can’t understand and speak English. The cellist realize he can only live like lower class because there is limited opportunity for him to find a job. In America, there is a high rise in the level of inequalities, and they are presented in existing realities. They include the low shares held by the middle class in the nation’s wealth, low wages earned by the middle and lower class, all Americans not having an equal chance to succeed, and the relationship between wealth and power. The cellist start thinks is more complicated to be success in the US.

Lastly, by not giving all individuals from all over the world an equal chance to education and opportunities, it isn't straightforward to attain the American dream. Many personality traits are associated with their level of income, just as San-Francisco and private schools are associated with wealthy individuals. With all the divisions held between the rich and the poor, it is tough to create equality amongst the two groups, and the rich will always be in power, thereby leaving the poor with no say. Many drama episodes show a distinction of characters about social class and power, thus shaping our thinking and perceptions of the American dream. The episode showed that American dream can’t bring equal chance to everyone, and high education might give people chance to help their American dream come true. But those stereotype and laws can be the blocked for Asian people’s success with their American dream. Therefore, American dream remain as a dream for most people, even they work hard on the job. People can only have limited chance to be successful with their American dream.

American Dream Essay Conclusion Example essay

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