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Alternative SAN protocols

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As a result of increased data which is critical to the management of the organization, majority of the companies are widely involved in finding suitable storage technologies and media for their data so as to increase the availability of the ever needed scalability, flexibility and capacity with careful control of costs. For effective management of the daily business information needs, the Information Technology management leaders need to ensure that data availability to all the users is achieved and protected from unauthorized access, manipulation, retrieval and dissemination.

However, the greatest challenge resulting from the implementation of the Storage Area Network technology is the management of costs and data due to remarkable growth of data, increased need of data accessibility to users and the need for disaster recovery for business continuation (Clark, 1999).

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Storage Area Network is the kind of network considered to be part of the Wide Area Network and Local Area Network. It is designed to enable the transition of data from the servers to required destinations as an alternative storage to the directly attached service technology.