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Alternative Method of Learning English

English oral was a difficult subject in secondary school. I felt nervous and embarrassed when I was speaking in English. I found no method to tackle the fear.

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In secondary 6, I joined an activity named “Interviewing Tourists”. We interviewed tourists asking where they were come from, what they felt about Hong Kong…… The difference of speaking English in school and outside is that outdoor speaking provides more opportunities to talk. In school, we only had chance to speak in lessons.

But most of the time the teacher was speaking. At the activity, we were forced to speak because foreigners may only understand English. Most of the time we felt more comfort when are talking to the local. Actually, we do not realize the common mistakes we made, like Chinglish. However, it is better to learn English from foreigners. They talked in the most natural, fluent way. That is why schools invite foreign teachers to teach speaking English. Teachers taught us the skills to deal with exams.

But what we were talking to the tourists were something we seldom discussed such as cuisine and cultural. These were funny and I forgot what nervous is thought out the activity. In conclusion, I will keep practicing to improve my English. At this college, I found we have a lot of opportunities such as presenting projects and I will not hesitate to discuss the projects in English. I found there are some foreign students and I am going to make friends with them in order to speak more. Word count: 255