All Quiet On The Western Front ~ Chapter 12

What point has been reached in the war in the Fall of 1918?
All speak of peace and armistice. Paul says if there is not peace this time, there will be a revolution of the soldiers.
Why does Paul get a fourteen day rest?
He has swallowed a bit of gas.
What does Paul predict for his generation? Does his prediction come true?
That they are so weary and broken at this point that only a few will acclimate to the future at home, but most will submit and be bewildered by what is supposed to be normal existence. They will not have connection because any hope of building some was killed in the war. That does happen with many who come back from war.
Why does the point-of-view change to the third person for the last two paragraphs of the story?
Paul has died.
What is ironic about Paul’s death?
He is finally at peace and calm, almost glad that the end had come. He dies after he thinks that the war is over, on his fourteen days rest, not even on the front.