White Enemies
White enemies are usually very weak at start but stronger white enemies appear later and later in the game. White enemies usually are very weak or very strong. Never in between.
A white dog, appears in the first level of the game. Easily defeated by strong cats but a normal cat can still kill it.
There is no typo. It literally spelled snache. The first snache appear in the level 3. There snaches are faster than doges and do more damage than doges. Strong cats will easily defeat a snache but a normal cat can’t defeat a snache without the aid of a tank cat.
Those Guys
These tiny stick figures are more deadly then they look. Those guys do more damage and have more health than snache. Even worse, they group, and fast. Those guys aren’t that easily defeated to stronger cats but a strong cat can still defeat those guys in about 2 seconds. A normal cat can’t defeat a those guys without a tank cat and another normal cat.
First appears in level 5. This enemy is a tanker and you will need more than basic cats to defeat them. Hippie are very slow but they have slot of attack power along with their slow attack speed. Strong cats may struggle fighting this enemy.
Jackie Peng
First appearance is level 6 after the Pigge (level 5). These Jackie Peng are a problem. They are fast and have fast attack speed. They don’t have a lot of attack power but enough to eliminate a whole group of basic cats. Stronger cats may struggle with this enemy.
Kanga Roo
This is enemy is basically a kangaroo who started boxing, literally. Kanga Roos are fast in movement speed AND attack speed and, unlike Jackie Peng, do lots of damage. Kanga Roos in groups can mean death unless you have meat shields (normally evolved or true form basic cats) and long-range facts (ex. dragon cat or king dragon cats).
This enemy is not a tanker but still a pretty hard-to-kill meat shield. Rams are slow in movement speed but fast in attack speed. Rams aren’t exactly close-range fighters either. A bunch of basic cats might defeat one but a group of rams can defeat a not-so-strong cat (rare cats or ranged special cats) of the cat doesn’t have meat shields with it.
A very very strong enemy that appears not-so late in the game. Le’boin is a giant elephant that easily defeats stronger basic cats like Titan cat. Le’boin is an area attacker and can defeat a Titan cat in 2 hits. Meat shield and range cats strategy highly recommended.
A giant moth that appears very late into the game. Mouth is a long range fighter and has very fast movement and attack speed. Mooths usually never appear in groups but will in super difficult levels like Draconian (boss: manic king dragon cat). Mooths are so hard because they are long-range fighters deal area attack so these enemies cause a lot of chaos. Lizard cats and dragon cats recommended.
Croco’s first appearance may seem easy at first but wait until you see them in a large group. They will absolutely wreck all you cats if you don’t get an area attacker. Crocos die very easily but they can do tons of attack damage for starters.
Squire Rel
The Squire Rel is a very easy-to-defeat enemy due to it’s low attack damage, health, and close-range. Can still be difficult to defeat in large groups. Ironically, Squire Rel was chosen as boss in many stories of legend levels.
Teacher Bear
Teacher Bear is a hard-to-defeat first appearance enemy. First of all, Teacher Bear is a long-ranged fighter and it does huge amounts of damage to a large area. But Teacher bear is very slow and does not have alot of health at all.
The Face
The face is the final boss for the final level of chapter one. The Face has a very high amount of health and can deal a lot of damage. The Face is also a long-range fighter. The Face does area attack but is the slowest enemy in the game in both movement and attack speed.
Teacher Bun Bun
Don’t let the name fool you. Teacher Bun Bun is s giant demon on wings with high attack damage and high movement and attack speed. Teacher Bun Bun first appears in the last level of chapter 3. Teacher Bun Bun is a close range fighter and deals a large amount of damage in a short period of time. Can one-shot any cats except those that have a lot of health. Since its single attack, using meat shields protecting tankers is recommended.
The Sloth
Only shows up in event stages or stories of legend. The Sloth is a highly dangerous enemies and may only fall to really good pros. The Sloth is slow in movement and attack speed but as a very high amount of health and attack power. The Sloth is also a long-range fighter and deals area attack. Meat shields with uber super dares is recommended though may not be very efficient.
First appears in a level of stories of legend. The Camelle has a medium attack speed and slow movement speed. Attack power is not that high so this enemy is not very strong. 20% critical hit chance.
R. Ost
The R. Ost first appears in a level of stories of legend. The R. Ost in, in fact, very low in attack power but fast in movement and attack speed. 35% critical hit chance. R. Ost has has low health though. Critical hit chance makes it hard to defeat.
The Two-can first appears in a level of stories of legend. The Two-can is very slow in movement and attack speed. The Two-can’s physical attack is relatively weak itself but here’s the catch. The Two-can has 100% chance to produce a level 2 shockwave.
The Kory is a very very difficult first-appearance enemy. A Kory has a high amount of health and an exceptional amount of damage but still not a lot. The Kory usually spawns by itself and are single-attackers which makes them easy to defeat with long-range attackers and meatshields if not for the level 4 shockwave it makes every time it attacks.
Doberman PD
Doberman PD is the reason why most pros die when they first meet up with this enemy. Doberman PD does aLOT of damage and takes absolutely forever to kill. Also, he has 33% chance to produce a level 3 shockwave. Only disadvantage is it’s super slow speed.
Trolley Blogger
Trolly Blogger is basically one of Those Guys except with 1.5 times more health. Trolly Blogger also does a wee bit more damage but they spawn faster and group up faster than Those Guys which makes them more difficult. Trolls Blogger also has a 100% chance to knock back a cat.
Wall Doge
The Wall Doge is somehow a variation of a doge. But, the wall doge has less stack damage and have a lot more defense and health. The wall doge will usually appear only in groups but first appearance will only appear in Paris of 2 or 3. Health increases more than usual in harder levels.
The Dachshund is a relatively hard enemy if encountered in groups of more than 2. Ironically, the Dachshund mostly spawns in groups of 1, but the Dachshund is always assist with other enemies. The Dachshund itself has relatively low health but it’s stack is higher than its health and so its attack speed.
White Cyclone
The White Cyclone is the hardest enemy to defeat. It’s high amount of health, damage, and attack speed make it the hardest to defeat white enemy in the game. The White Cyclone spawns in the Monday Stage (Attack on W-Cyclone) and spawns only once. Whenever he spawns, he will spawn with a gang of dachshunds, kanga Roos, and one of the sloth. Since it’s a floating enemy, shaman cat is recommended for use of meat shield.
Red Enemies
Red enemies are actually difficult to those who don’t have a particular strategical or anti-red deck. Red enemies will have a super lot of health that means a lot of attack damage.
Pigges appear very early into the game. Beginners will have a very hard time even defending from it. Pigges can almost one-shot all very basic cats and basic cats don’t do enough damage to defend from pigges properly. Still, pigged are relatively the easiest to defeat red enemy in the game.
Red Rabbit
Red rabbits have very low health and attack power, but can not be killed with basic cats. The only reason why these enemies are easier than piggies is because they spawn more frequently and can group up quite fast to the point where there are too many to defend from. Area attackers are highly commended for defeating this enemy.
Sir Seal
If your Titan cat is not at a high enough level, the you are NOT ready for this enemy. Sir Seals have high health and high damage. A basic Titan cat will fall to the sir seal. Since sir seals spawn by themselves, you might want to send a Titan cat (to deal damage) then spawn some fish or whale cats to finish it off.
One Horn
Sir Seal
A Sir seal is quite hard to defeat when you see it for the first time. It will completely destroy all your cats on your first encounter. Sir seals have a lot of health and a lot attack damage with its quite fast attack speed. It is not wise to underestimate these enemies.
The One-horn is a very strong reels enemy. This huge tanker has a lot of healthy and quite the attack power for its super fast attack speed. Though it is the 2nd slowest enemy in the game with a movement speed of 2. Though, these enemies should not be under estimated.
These red enemies are the easiest to defeat red enemies in the game, if they are alone. Bunnies have low damage, low attack speed, but high movement speed. This allows them to group up quickly since they intend to spawn as quickly as they move.
Dark Emperor Nyamdam
This red enemy has the highest attack damage of all red enemies. Though it is super slow, it has high health and high attack damage. These enemies are also area attack and long range fighters. They intend to spawn very slowly though.