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ALIBUGHA The play “Alibugha” that we watched last September 11, 2011 at Paco Catholic School was derived from the Parable of the Prodigal Son. The two are almost the same, the only difference was that there were some twists added to the story. In Alibugha, there was a family composed of a father & two sons.

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The father was a farmer, his older son followed his path and also became a farmer while his other son went to Manila to study because he doesn’t want to be a farmer like them because he thinks that it won’t take him that far and that it won’t make him any richer.

His younger son went home one day and asked for his inheritance and went to Manila right after he got it, money is the only thing that matters to him. He spent the inheritance he got from his father to useless stuffs. He even used it to get a girl make out with him. He thought he got the girl pregnant so he married her. They’ve had a daughter and lived together for years until the boss of the girl finds out where they live and that they were living together.

Her wife had a relationship with her boss before they got together, she left him when they met. Her boss got mad for that and searched for them for years, when he found their location, he made an action immediately. He went there and threatened the girl to go with her but the girl doesn’t want to, so he shot her and he also died in the end. The husband was left with the child he doesn’t even own, he realized how miserable he was after that so he decided to go back to his father and brother and reconcile with them.

They accepted him completely, without any hesitation. This story was great. It just teaches us to remember to get back to God whenever we got the wrong path. God is always ready to accept us no matter what we do, we just need to get back to Him and reconcile for our sins and He will immediately accept us. We should follow God’s path because it’s the right path that will lead us to success.

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