alcohol & ur college experience #1

measurement used by wechsler and nelson to define binge drinking
4 drinks for women/5 drinks for men
how is frequent binge drinking defined?
3 times in 2 weeks
what is the prevention paradox and why is it relevant to the harvard school of public health alcohol study?
most alcohol related injuries occur among drinkers in the moderate binge drinking area because it is the largest group of binge drinkers
how does the niaaa define binge drinking?
pattern of drinking that brings blood alcohol concentration to .08 gram percent or greater
-5+ drinks for men/4+ drinks for women in 2 hours
what is the national rate of college binge drinkers?
what features of the college environment influence drinking?
-student subgroups
-region of the country
-policies and laws in place
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what are two ways campuses try to control use?
-AMOD program
-social norms marketing
what local and state policies are associated with lower drinking rates?
-banning alcohol
-drunk driving policies
-keg registration
-happy hours, open containers in public, advertising
what was the strongest predictor of drinking behavior at iowa?
what does the data suggest regarding binge drinking between freshman and senior year?
what experiences were associated with binge drinking for first-year students? for seniors?
1. belonged to frat/sorority
2. intramural sports
-senior year
1. belonged to frat/sorority
2. intramural sports
what experiences had a negative association with binge drinking for first-year students? for seniors?
1. honors program
2. racial and cultural awareness club
3. llc
-senior year
1. honors program
2. racial and cultural awareness club
3. peer educator
4. tutors
what significant finding was made related to fraternities/sororities and binge drinking?
drink more than non-greek students
identify each ahrp goal and the corresponding initiatives
1. attract low-risk drinkers
– promote norms of well-being in pre-admission material
– promote healthy student traditions through cab activities
2. more students remain low-risk drinkers
-collaborate with iowa city downtown to expand alcohol-free entertainment
-form committees to build social support for low-risk drinkers
-evaluate tailgate policies and make recommendations
-use llc in residence halls to promote healthy student norms
3. more high-risk drinkers lower their drinking while at university of iowa
4. more high-risk drinkers are accountable for upholding community expectations
-expand all policies to all of johnson county
-uphold consequences for breaking law
-implement arrest and citation policies
5. institutionalize the commitment to evidence-based alcohol harm reduction efforts for long-term sustainability
what one outcome did binge drinking have a significant link with?
cumulative ui gpa
what metrics are used to measure success of the ahrp?
-percent of students engaging in high-risk drinking in past two weeks
-average number of drinks per occasion
-percent of students drinking ten or more days per month
what are the components of the ahrp?
-faculty, TAs and staff
-parents and community members