Alabama Driver Manual Test

An Alabama driver license is not required for which of the following people?
out of state college student
Alabama’s basic speed law states that:
you can drive the posted speed limit
At what age is it permissible for a student with just a permit to drive by themselves?
The acceleration lane is the lane used to:
speed up to highway speed
The speed limits on paved country roads are __ unless otherwise posted.
45 mph
When approaching a STOP sign, a driver must:
stop at the market STOP line
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If your license is suspended:
you can get it back
If your license is cancelled:
you cannot get it back
If your license is revoked:
you cannot get it back
Which of the following violations is worth 6 points from the Alabama Point System?
reckless driving
When parking uphill with a curb, you should turn your wheels to the:
When parking uphill without a curb, you should turn your wheels to the:
When an emergency vehicle approaches you from the front, you should:
pull to the curb side of the road and stop if possible
The legal limit of alcohol for someone under 21 in the state of Alabama is:
The legal limit of alcohol for someone over 21 in the state of Alabama is:
The most common motorcycle accident is:
vehicles turning left in front of them
You cannot pass another vehicle unless you can see clearly for at least:
500 feet
Broken white lines on the highway mean:
traffic going in the same direction
If not posted, the speed limit in urban areas (in town) is:
30 mph
Passing a vehicle by going onto the shoulder of the road is:
never permitted unless ordered by police officer
When driving in fog, you should always use:
low beams
When walking alone on a road or highway, you should walk:
facing traffic
You should signal your intention to turn at least __ before turning.
100 feet
One method of turning in which your hands never leave the wheel is called:
push- pull- feed
A condition similar to sleeping that is caused by long hours of driving is called:
highway hypnosis
The speed limit for an unpaved road is:
35 mph
The speed limit on Alabama’s interstate highways is:
70 mph
The basic Right-of-Way rule states that the driver of a vehicle on the:
left shall yield to the driver on the right
When an emergency vehicle approaches you from behind, you should:
pull to the curb and stop if possible
Vehicles entering from a private drive must:
yield to the right of way to traffic on the public street
When is it permissible to exceed the speed limit to pass a slower moving vehicle?
When are U-turns legal in Alabama?
when they do not endanger other traffic
When backing, you should always:
look over your shoulder, your mirrors don’t show it
Drivers must yield the right of way to pedestrians using the crosswalk:
at all times
The main purpose of the right of way rule is to:
help with safe and smooth traffic flow
You must dim your lights at least __ feet for vehicles coming towards you.
Any conviction which involved the drinking of alcohol and driving is worth __ points on the Alabama Point System.
You acquire 12-14 points against yourself in a two-year period. Under the Alabama Point System, you will lose your license for __ days.
The basic following distance that we should keep on good, dry pavement is at least:
two seconds behind the vehicle in front of us
Traffic mishaps must be reported if there is a death, injury, or damage of at least __ dollars.
A solid yellow line on your side of the center line means:
you cannot pass
To fight “Highway Hypnosis”, you should stop and walk around at least every __ miles.
To check your “Blind Spot”, you must:
look over your shoulder
Records show that over __ percent of all traffic accidents are caused by driver error:
Under Alabama Law, you are not allowed to park within __ feet of a fire hydrant.
Around many small towns in Alabama, there are roads with no center line. But we need to remember that under the law, we should always drive:
on the right side because lanes are there even if not marked
You should not park beside a curb that has been painted:
In Alabama, a fourth conviction for a DUI is a class __ felony:
There are certain vehicles that must stop at “all” railroad crossings. These include trucks carrying “flammable” liquids and:
church and school buses
To give a “left turn” hand signal, you should:
extend your left arm straight out the window