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1. Name and Address of the applicant: 2. Particulars of the aero-mobile Licence, if any, already held : 3. Particulars of Aircraft in respect of which a licence is required. a) Call Sign: b) Name and Type of Aircraft: c) Name of owner: d) Passenger or Freight Aircraft: e) Normal Route: f) Place of Registry (an attested copy : of certificate of Registration to be attached) 4. State whether the Radio Installation is provided in pursuance of statutory equirements or otherwise (i.

e. , compulsory fitted or non-compulsory fitted). 5. Nature of Service performed: 6. Description of apparatus for which the licence is applied for: Radio Communication Transmitters Manufacturers TypeOutputFreq.RangeEmissionFrequency Rated (kHz)Tolerance Power (Watts) Main Standby Radio Communication Receivers Manufacturers Type Frequency. Range Main Standby Radio Navigation Apparatus Manufacturer Type Frequency.

Range i) Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) ii) Instrument Landing System (ILS) a) Localizer Receiver b) Glidepath Receiver ) Maker Receiver iii) VOR Receiver iv) DME Interrogator v) ATC Transponder vi) Weather Radar vii) Radio Altimeter viii) Loran Receiver ix) x) Certificate of Inspection (Must be completed by a competent Wireless Telegraph Engineer) It is certified that the Radio Apparatus detailed here in before has been satisfactorily installed/and the particulars given thereof are correct. Dated:Signature of the certifying Engineer Name_______________________ (in block letters) Address:Designation (SEAL) DeclarationI hereby solemnly declare and say that foregoing facts are true and correct and nothing is false there in and no material has been concealed therefrom. I also agree that in case any information given by me herein before is found false at a later date, the licence, if granted, will be cancelled. I further solemnly given an undertaking that the apparatus described here-in-before will be worked in accordance with the conditions of the licence and operators holding approval certificate of proficiency shall only be employed to work the said apparatus Place:Signature of Applicant Dated:Name _______________________ in block letters) Designation___________________Note : This application duly completed should be forwarded to the Wireless Advisor to the Government of India, Ministry of Communications, Sardar Patel Bhawan, Parliament Street, new Delhi-110 001 (through Director General of Civil Aviation, Technical Centre, Opp. Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi) Rate of fees : The rate of fees per station per annum is Rs. 250/- Manner of Payment : The fees may be paid through a crossed band Draft drawn in favour of Pay and Accounts Officer (HQ), Department of Telecommunications, payable at State Bank of India, New Delhi.

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