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Agricultural News in BTV Versus ATN in Bangladesh

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Among television channels we have 4, 24hour news based television channels (moi. gov. bd). Once upon a time Bangladesh needs to depend on foreign media to know the information. But after 1997 with the permission of first satellite private television station ATN Bangle these rights explore its wings, and in 2000 with the hands of Ekushe Television the Information sector got an energetic change In the country (Akhter, 2003). Following this continuity, the media now enjoying the freedom of press as well as the people are enjoying the free flow of information.

But it is found that the sampled television channels are confined only in he capital city of Bangladesh. But we should remember that almost 66 percent of our people are still living in rural area and economy mostly depends on our agriculture. So Media has a huge responsibility to develop the agriculture for better contribution In our economy. But media of our country do not telecast proper and sumclent content Tor tne development 0T our agrlculture. In tne contrary, tney produce the programs and content which only urban based.

Even this tendency is also noticed in the content of their prime time news. That is why, the report would be n this issue that the channels are not telecast the agricultural news sufficiently during prime time news.

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Agricultural News in BTV Versus ATN in Bangladesh

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