Aging studies, Chapters 9&10

The majority of men over age 65 are:
Fewer people within each generation are able to provide care for family members because of:
the increase of women entering the paid workforce in the past 50 years.
Grandparents who provide custodial care for their grandchildren:
are disproportionately represented by African American women.
Withholding or improper administration of needed medication would be an example of which type of elder mistreatment?
In recent years, ethnic minority families have experienced the following:
weakening support networks due to American values.
A major problem faced by adult protective services when investigating cases of elder abuse is:
a national policy on elder mistreatment.
The primary factor that affects the frequency of visiting between grandparents and grandchildren is:
geographic proximity.
Intergenerational programs that link older people with youth in need and young families are:
rapidly growing.
Elder abuse is:
often concealed by the elderly care recipient.
Strained social and family relationships is an example of what type of caregiver stress?
In their social relationships in later life, men tend to:
depend on their wives for companionship.
The use of elder abuse screening tools is problematic because:
families are reluctant to report risk factors.
Which of the following have been identified as possible challenges to grandparents raising their grandchildren?
all of the above
Which of the following ethnic groups is least likely to report stress, burden, and depression in the caregiver role?
African American caregivers
Older people who never married and are without children, and thus do not have adult children to care for them,:
usually develop other support systems and turn to others for help.
Elder abuse on the part of a caregiver includes:
all of the above
Male caregivers of frail elders:
are less likely to give up jobs than females
The flow of support between older persons and their adult children is generally:
reciprocal exchanges financially, emotionally, and in providing care.
During the 20th century, the number of multigenerational families in the United States:
has increased.
Research about interventions to build social supports for older adults has shown that:
social support cannot buffer the effects of neighborhood stressors.
Evidence for shifts in filial piety among ethnic minorities includes:
increasing proportions of older African Americans using nursing homes.
During the elderly years (65+):
more men remarry than women.
A grandparent who feels close and affectionate to grandchildren without taking on a particular role is expressing:
the companionate style of grandparenting.
Financial abuse refers primarily to:
economic exploitation.
Which of the following is not a part of caregiver assessment?
assesses financial resources needed for caregiving
Most women view the “empty nest” as:
an opportunity for new activities.
Which of the following is not a potential outcome of social supports?
financial security
An example of a physical problem attributed to caregiver stress would be:
sleep disorders and exhaustion.
The following have been found to be helpful for the family caregiver’s self-care and well-being:
setting limits to the older relative’s demands.
Strong social supports contribute to:
active aging.
Who is least likely to turn to formal services for caregiving?
both A & B.
Older gays and lesbians, compared to their heterosexual peers:
tend to build a “surrogate family” .
When compared with their white counterparts, African American and Latino caregivers tend to be:
more likely to have physical health problems.
Sibling relationships in old age:
are closer between sisters
The “sandwich generation” refers to:
middle-aged women caring for their parents and children.
The vast majority of older persons:
with three or more limitations in daily activities (ADLs) live in the community.
Marital satisfaction is lowest:
during child-rearing years including middle age.
The changing demographic patterns of the United States have also affected the grandparenting role, such that:
more older persons are experiencing the grandparent role than in the past.
It is estimated that ________ percent of older adults are abused by someone with whom they share housing.
Which statement best describes divorce and remarriage in old age?
For older persons the likelihood of remarriage is smaller than remarriage for younger age groups.
Caregiver stress is increased by:
living with the care recipient.
Regarding older adults’ relationships with pets:
more longitudinal studies of the benefits of pet ownership are critical.
An example of financial caregiver stress would be:
missed opportunities in one’s career
Perceived benefits of pets for older adults include:
all of the above
One of the strongest explanations for elder mistreatment is:
abuser impairment.
Which demographic and social changes are intensifying demands on families to provide more complex care?
more women employed outside the home
Short-term interventions to support caregivers:
have not been proven to relieve burden.
Studies of relationships between adult children and their older parents indicate that:
most older parents see an adult child frequently.
Elder self-neglect is least likely to be associated with:
Which of the following variables is least predictive of an older person’s move to a nursing home?
disease symptoms of the elder