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After the Sirens

As soon as the radio is switched on it is described as screaming and it startles the man. He also recognized the radio announcer’s voice but it this was the first time his voice did not sound upbeat and happy as it usually was during his morning show. The author also describes his voice as “Cracking with hysteria” (Hood, pg.

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161) which clearly sets the mood in the story. The way his voice is described stresses the role that the announcer plays in this story.

The radio announcer uses repetition right from the beginning of the story and creates suspense, when he repeats “This not an exercise”(Hood, pg. 160) three times. He also repeats “This is an air raid warning”(Hood, pg. 160) twice right after the radio is turned on. He continues with the count down right until ten seconds before the bomb hit. The radio announcer sets this man into action to save himself and his family.

The man responds immediately by telling his wife not to ask questions and to dress her self and the baby in many layers of heavy clothing. While she is doing that he gathers up food, water, canned goods and two can openers. The radio announcer also helps the man to decide where they should take cover in the house because he reported the target and the man knew where the blast would be coming from. The radio announcer helped them survive. I was captured immediately by his voice and was taken on a journey of anticipation and suspense.

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