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This achievement was done because of their positioning in Africa which gave them better trade networks. More, the Gush broke for Egyptians and moved to More in 590 BCC. They lived several hundred years off of farming, iron, mining and trading. Oromo, The Oromo people spent lot of time looking for better land to settle. Finally they conquered land ruled by the Gaze and Solomon, they became very wealthy depending on trade of coffee. Great Zanzibar, The amalgamation of the Bantu helped Great Zanzibar. Along with other cities they prospered by sending goods to the

Indian cost. The people of Zanzibar relied not only on trading but also cattle herding, and agriculture. Exam Oromo More Great Zanzibar Social First: king Second Nobles, soldiers Third: citizens Last: slaves Gad system, which helped all citizens First: king or queen Second: priest, soldiers Third: Merchants, Artisans, Farmers. Last Enslaved people. Very strict and marrying somebody In a different class was not liked. Economic traded Ivory, exotic animal skins, gold and more with other countries Mainly agriculture of several crops Paid taxes annual to the king. Anomy based on cattle husbandry, crop cultivation, and the trade of gold political Used their gained power from trading to keep a centralized state and their people tightly controlled. Gad government developed by citizens, we do not know when the system emerged. Different from Egypt. Political freedom Some political problems was the Racial divide and economic interest. Religious descendants of the Hebrews, and adopted Christianity There are three main religions in Oromo, Roomier, (their traditional religion), Islam and Christianity.

Greatly influenced by Egyptians , but also introduced their own Gods, most important Epidermal, a lion God A firm monotheistic faith. Landmarks or Monuments More; Pyramids of Sudan= located in the North-East of Sudan near the banks of the Nile, almost 200 pyramids in a relatively small area. Exam; Stella= built for a religious purpose. Most likely a funeral monument Horn of Africa= peninsula in the East of Africa National Monument= approximately 30 km from Amassing Summary Exam, a combination of Arabs and Africans who settled in the Red Sea Exam became err powerful even being the wealthiest of the kingdoms in the first century.

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This conquered land ruled by the Gaze and Solenoids, they became very wealthy depending on trade of coffee. Great Zanzibar, The migration of the Bantu helped Images Historic Importance All four cities are so important for what they have in their past. What they left us with, like the Exam with the Stella. "An old man or old woman die is like losing a library. " Learning how our ancestors survived and worked together is important to never forget. Visiting this places is something you will never forget and never regret.

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