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Advantages and Disadvantages Living in the City

Essay Topic: ,

The percentage of agreement by the students that the increment affect their lives is higher than that stated they were not affected. Based on the observations, this may be due to male students only use a motorcycle as their regular transportation. For this reason, it may because of they were more interested to use car instead of other type of vehicles.

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So, the level of oil consumption by the female students were higher than the male students.

We can conclude that, the students’ daily live were very affected by the increment of the fuel prices. Figure 7 Here, students who lived nearly to the campus will have the opportunity to walk to the class and they also contribute in environment’s protection. From our observation, this kind of transportations were most preferred by the male students and motorcycle also require low cost and easy to maintain. From our observation, female students used more car to go to the campus than the male students.

They found that car is more comfort, even it requires better maintenance and high cost. Students have indicated that bus services in UTM was not so good. This may not happen, if the bus management is upgraded. Bicycle is good for getting good health and environmental protection but it only not all the students are preferred to use bicycle because it may be due to the state of various UTM’s topography. So, it can be seen that the FKA’s students was mostly preferred to walk to go to the campus.