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Advanced Regents Diploma

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At the outset, I would like to state that it is highly unusual for me to get such a grade. I have been a diligent and hardworking student my whole life. At the same time, I understand that there are certain learning curves and that as one moves up the academic ladder there are more challenges. One such challenge is that of High School, especially for one who sets high standards. I have always dreamed of obtaining the Advanced Regents Diploma. In order to accomplish such, I have had to take and pass several courses that are more difficult than the ones that are required for the Local Regent’s Diploma.

I have had to pass the Math B2/B3 regents course, the math regent examination and the anxiety of having to meet and perhaps surpass my academic goals. I realize that the pursuit of such lofty goals is not an easy one and I have gladly taken this challenge on to myself. I have always believed in the value of a good education and have never been afraid to work hard for it. While it sets me apart from everyone else in my class, it also presents novel obstacles. I do not regret this decision to take a more difficult path in life because I have chosen not to be average but to face the odds and achieve my goals.

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Advanced Regents Diploma

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