Adolescent Psych Ex 2

Susan Harter
Developed separate measure of self-esteem for adolescents, the self perception profile for adolescents
A self-centered and self-concerned approach toward others; lack of awareness contributes to adjustment of problems, linked to low self-esteem
Emotional Competence
In adolescence, more likely to become aware of their emotional cycles
Openness to experience
Neuroticism (emotional stability)
Five Factors in Personality: OCEAN
What developed country has the highest rate of adolescent teen child bearing?
In US, what fraction of teen pregnancy ends in abortion?
The reason boys are more likely to be sexually active than girls?
The individual’s cognitive representation of the self, the substance and content of self-conceptions.
The global evaluative dimension of the self.
The social mirror for adolescents.
Which theorist agreed that anatomy is destiny?
Social, Biological, and Cognitive factors
Gender development is influenced by
Gender Schemas
A cognitive structure that organizes world in terms of male and female.
A 2008 study showed that what % of girls reported sexual harassment at least once?
Domain-specific evaluations of the self.
Early Adolescence
During which stage of adolescence is the higher and lower emotions developed?
Erikson believed this was central role for adolescence
Identity diffusion, foreclosure, moratorium, and achievement
James Marcia’s theory of development implies four statuses which are
Marcia’s Crisis
A period of identity development during which the adolescent is choosing among meaningful alternatives.
Marcia’s Commitment
A personal investment in what an individual is going to do.
Identity Diffused
the status in which the adolescent does not have a sense of having choices, has not made a commitment yet, nor is willing or attempting to.
Identity Foreclosed
the status in which the adolescent seems willing to commit to some relevant roles, conforming to what they have been taught, not looking for diff possibilities
Identity Moratorium
the status in which the adolescent is currently exploring various options, and is ready to make choices, but doesn’t know which one to choose yet
Identity Achievement
the status in which adolescent has made the commitment with a sense of value to what has been chosen
Goodness of Fit
Match between temperament and environment
Sexual Script
A stereotype pattern of how individual’s should act sexually
What is the answer to Q. 50?
Consideration in order to avoid pregnancy

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