Washington state
3.3 GPA, 1100 sat, no letters of rec,
Carroll college
3.6 GPA,
Gonzaga uni
3.73 GPA, 1200 sat, 67% acceptance, need to declare if pursuing engineering or nursing programs
Montana state uni
3.5 GPA,
College of the Ozarks
3.0 GPA, 950 sat, interviews are required, required to give immunization info if admitted
University of Hawaii at manoa
3.5 GPA, no letter of rec, 81% acceptance, don’t need official sat scores unless asked
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University of Washington
— don’t send transcripts till asked
Air Force academy
1300 sat, need to be: unmarried, a US sitizen, of good moral character, 17-23 by July 1
Colorado college
1340 sat, 17% acceptance rate
Eastern Washington uni
3.3 GPA and 1200 sat and above for automatic admission,
Seattle pacific uni
3.3-3.9 GPA, 1110-1300 sat, doesn’t require letters of rec
Lewis and Clark uni
3.6-4.2 GPA, 1210-1360 sat
Whitman college
3.7-4.0 GPA, 50% acceptance,
University of Puget sound
3.5 GPA, can opt out of test scores with two essays
Central Washington uni
3.4 and up automatic admission, essay not required
Evergreen state college
3.0 GPA, 1078 sat, letters of rec not required
Arizona state uni
3.5 GPA, 850 sat, 83% acceptence
Deep springs college
1400 sat, essays and interviews and campus visit required,
Oregon state uni
3.6 GPA, 78% acceptance, no letters of recommendation,