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Admission essay to the University of Southern California, MBA program

Essay Topic:

As a young person who aspires to be a successful businessman, I have many dreams.Dreams that motivate me to strive hard in order to reach the goals I am aiming for.It’s free to dream and I don’t want that dream to be just a dream.

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I want it to become a reality where I can say that I am fulfilled.

One of these dreams is to become a successful businessman, like those renowned business people that started from scratch yet able to make it big due to its experience, expertise and knowledge learned from the institutions they are from. Seeing businessmen successful despite of the countless responsibilities make me hopeful that one day I will be like them. In order to make this dream a reality, I make a significant step that would definitely change my entire life and that is to become an MBA.

I have studied what Business Administration is and had been exposed to different scenarios where my business skills are needed however I still feel that my knowledge is not enough to make a successful business individual in the near future.

So I feel the need to enroll in Master in Business Administration to further, develop, and improved my acquired knowledge in my college days. I know it would not be so easy as 1, 2, 3 and it involves a lot of patience and courage to pursue this career however I purpose in my heart to finish MBA to fulfill my dream and be successful.

On the other hand, I choose University of Southern California-MBA program because this is the only university that would help me fulfill my dream. I am very choosy with regards to the development of my education. I want the best for myself and the University of Southern California-MBA program is the only university that I believe that has offered the one I am looking for.

The University of Southern California is an institution of higher learning in California. It will help me become a potential businessman in the coming years. It has numerous centers and institutes within the university conduct special studies and research. Not only that, it has extensive library resources which will help more learned and equipped to my desired profession.

Furthermore, the university does not only concern of the students’ academic performance but also concern with their interaction to the outside world. The university usually involves the students in organizations and field trips to supplement the learning their learning. Field trips are organized to develop student-interest in teaching units and problems, to gather information regarding them, and as culminating activities.

The university used this method to give the students first-hand experience that cannot be had in the classroom. Manu of the objects of investigations can be studied best on their natural setting.

This method used by the university provides opportunities for students learning through the use of many techniques other than those of reading and speaking. The outstanding criterion to use in considering the advisability of a field trip is the possible contribution of such a trip to the objectiveness of the course.

Admission essay to the University of Penn State (smeal) – MBA program

I choose to enroll in MBA-program because it is the sole program where I can see myself. Doing business is a lot of fun and has various challenges that would test my skills as an individual. Through this kind of career, my administration skills will be improved because I will not be only administering the business itself but as well as people who are involved into it.

 In fact I remember one incident way back my childhood days. I sometimes acted as a businessman by persuading my friend to trade in his toy with my small amount of money. Luckily, I persuaded him because of my empowering words. As time passes, I just realized that I want to be a businessman.

Furthermore, I am incline to do business in the future or be employed in business firms because I am inspired and influenced by successful businessmen such as William (Bill) Gates and Donald Trumps that make themselves to the top despite of the adversaries they meet along the way. So since I want to follow their footsteps, I would make sure to prepare and equip myself to face the world of business that is why I want to be admitted in the MBA program of this university.

I intend to admit myself in this university because I firmly believe that this university has so much to offer to its students. It is a nonsecretarian, privately controlled institution of higher learning. It caters the specific needs of its students, provide immediate diagnoses and expose to different kinds of activities that would make the students competitive and do remarkable outcomes.

Professors’ teaching skills are the other reason too why I want to be admitted in this university. Sound principles of teaching are formulated carefully observed facts or objectively which are common to a series of similar experiences; such as, they must be carefully distinguished from the assumptions of so-called armchair philosophy which are made up largely of purely theoretical principles based on experience, reality, investigation, or experimentation.

In addition, its professors use the principles of teachings that are derived through pooling of the opinions of experts; through comparative studies of the teaching performance; through experimental studies of teaching and learning in the classroom. These principles are taught to the students to be learned and versatile to face adversaries related to business.

On the other hand, students are given by this program the chance to do the experimental method of research related to business which is the most important in education, is used primarily to test and evaluate by hypothesis. Its function is the evaluation aims, procedures or methods, and techniques employed in teaching and learning. In the field of Master in Business Administration program in this university, it is generally accepted that principles are discovered.

Principles that grow out of accumulated knowledge of how certain practices affect learning represents a step in relating theory to actual practice. In addition, the use of experimental method by professors of this program has developed a vast body of scientifically documented information about all areas of human growth and development, especially in the field of teaching and learning business.

It can be said that without adequate developmental progress, ways of teaching and learning business cannot be undertaken. Research in progress constantly gives new interpretations to complex problems that are involved in teaching and learning. These principles applied by the program impress me a lot that would make me desire to be one of the students of this program.

Admission essay to the University of California Davis – MBA program          MBA or Master of Business Administration is everyone’s dream if he graduated in business administration. It is an achievement for an individual to finish this master’s degree.

I have a number of reasons why I want to do an MBA. It is basically for my self-improvement however I have five reasons that are on my top list. First thing is, I firmly believe that MBA program would allow me to have further studies that would enhance my knowledge and skills related to the field of my specialization; thus, it will get me updated to any recent buzz related to this field.

Secondly, MBA offers a lot of opportunities especially we are in this modern and competitive world where everyone must has its own edge to cope the competition; thus it is an edge for me if I have an MBA. Thirdly, MBA ensures excellence and eminence business education that equips individuals to be competitive and perform tasks efficiently.

The fourth one is it gives me more opportunities to be exposed to different subjects such as economics, international business, marketing, finance and etc. that I don’t learn in my previous studies and I have the chance to concentrate on my chosen area of specialization. The last one would be, MBA does not only equip me academically but it would change my perspectives in life through the rigid training and studies that I will be going through.

I am eyeing University of California, Davis for my MBA as my partner in my future business success because it is a credible and reputable university producing quality and competitive graduates.

The program itself requires students to have direct experimentation, observation, case studies, questionnaires and interviews, or involve intensive reading, shifts facts, and interpretation of data to have first hand learning related in business. I have learned that the professors of the University of California Davis inculcated the importance of experimentation to their students especially in the MBA program.

Moreover, I consider University of California Davis as a good match for my learning because it is a university that has so much to give to its students. I strongly believe that the professors and facilities here are well-equipped which are able to assist the needs of the students.

One thing that attracts me most in this university is the way the professors teach their students. This is the university too which has close cooperation with the community which serves to the functioning of modern education. We all know that the community needs the school as a positive force for social and economic betterment.

There are many problems in the community, such as those relating to health, economic, and social problems, that can be solved by educative process. This university is one agency in the community equipped to lead in the solution of problems. I believe that University of California Davis can be useful in promoting and improving community life and conditions and which will enable less fortunate people to live richer, fuller, and better everyday lives, as well as on the development of techniques of their studies.

 I also believe that this university enhanced my skills, abilities, and attitudes to be more learned and extend it to the community by doing business The university does not only educate the students academically but it is concerned too with the interaction of human individuals and their environment.

In addition, the university is concerned with producing growth or changes in human knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, feelings, morals, and habits of every type.

Admission essay to the University of Toronto (rotman) – MBA program

I can vividly remember how happy I am to do trade-ins with my friends and siblings when I am still a kid. Every time I like something which my friends or siblings have, I try to convey them to trade in to what I have. With small and simple talks, I able to make them compromise to what I have offered.

Unknowingly, that simple gesture already foretold of what I would be like when I become an adult which is to do business. I intend to involve myself in seminars related in business administration and never tired of participating in some activities that would develop my business skills.

I also volunteer to do some first hand trainings from a businessman who has a convenient store who happens to be my friend. With that experience, I am able to learn and be aware in how to handle customers and meet their satisfactions.

The daily small dilemmas give me ideas in how to react and act such circumstance. This experience motivates me to pursue an MBA because I know that I can learn more things about business if I have proper education about it. Although I have background on it yet it is not enough and it is really fulfilling in my part if I am trained in this field of specialization.

I consider University of Toronto (rotman) for my precious education because it is an institution that can be trusted and produced quality competitors in the business world. This university specifically the MBA program is a vehicle for my business success in the near future.

Moreover, its education is of high standard and students are taught to be well-equipped in every area. As a student, I know I can be able to cope up with the demands of the university because I have been exposed to business activities and trainings.

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