Active Voice and Passive Voice Sentences

Active : subject (A) + verb + object (B)
Passive : subject (B) + be + past participle + by + object (A)
Farmers grow corn.
Corn is grown by farmers.
The teacher helps me.
I am helped by the teacher.
The teacher helps Jane.
Jane is helped by the teacher.
The teacher helps us.
We are helped by the teacher.
That company employs many people.
Many people are employed by that company.
Water surrounds an island.
An island is surrounded by water
A large number of people speak Spanish.
Spanish is spoken by a large number of people.
Helicopters fascinate children.
Children are fascinated by helicopters
Simple Past Active
Simple Past Passive
The teacher helped me.
I was helped by the teacher.
The teacher helped them.
They were helped by the teacher.
A college student bought my old car.
My old car was bought by a college student.
Mr. Fox washed the windows.
The windows were washed by Mr. Fox.
Ms. Hopkins invited me to dinner.
I was invited to dinner by Ms. Hopkins.
Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.
Hamlet was written by Shakespeare.
Present Perfect Active
Present Perfect Passive
That company has hired Sue.
Sue has been hired by that company.
The teacher has helped Joe.
Joe has been helped by the teacher.
Thomas Edison invented the phonograph.
The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison.
The teacher has helped us.
We have been helped by the teacher.
A doctor has examined the sick child.
The sick child has been examined by a doctor.
Future Active
Future Passive
Mrs. Adams will do the work.
The work will be done by Mrs. Adams.
The teacher will help me.
I will be helped by the teacher.
This news will amaze you.
I will be amazed by this news.
The teacher is going to help Tim.
Tim was going to be helped by the teacher.
The secretary is going to fax the letters.
The letters are are going to be faxed by the secretary.
A plumber is going to fix the leaky faucet.
The leaky faucet is going to be fixed by a plumber.