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AC/DC Band

AC/DC is the most popular rock Band ever.They were formed by 2 brothers in Sydney Australia.There debut was on New Years Eve in a club.

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They were inspired by ‘ Friday On My Mind”. They were #72 on the rolling stone list in 2004 and they ranked 7th place for the best heavy rock band ever.

They have sold 200 million copies world wide. In the late 70s they relocated to England. Their first album was powerage it was released on May 5th 1978. It was the First time they had released an album in the U.S The only made 2 albums for Australia. . High Voltage and TNT were the 2 albums that were for Australia and they are in the band setlist.

The Young brothers had predisposed themself to rock but they still had a lot of respect for the Blues and classic rock. In 1979 Highway to hell was made. The album showed that AC/DC will not abandon their reckless provocative ways. When Bon Scott died they replaced him with a vocalist named Brian Johnson’s.

His voice was similar Scotts voice but it was more cleaner. In the 1980s and 90s they released many records. That was the golden Age for them. They grew larger and larger they rose to headliner status on huge festivals like Rock in Rio and England’s Monsters of rock. In 1974 and 1978 in Australia they became the most popular band their.

The band made regular appearances on live tv they had a lot of hit albums In Australia. They had survived the punk rock upheavals. They survived that because the British press music press. In the 1980s Bon Scott died from a night of heavy drinking. The band members were deciding to quit but Scott’s parents encouraged them not to quit.

In 1991 one concert went wild. 3 fans were crushed to death in Salt lake Utah. A year later they paid the three families an undisclosed amount of money. It was an out court statement. After that incident they laid low for a couple of years. They came back in the spotlight in 1995. They went on tour in April 10th 2015 but they are only doing 10 shows.

Brian johnson had to leave early because of hearing problems. In 2002 the Band was ranked 50 bands you should see before you die. The recording industry association increased their sales in the U.S.. AC/DC is the fifth best selling Bands ever in the U.S in music history. In New York they went to the Waldorf Hotel in New York.

They were there because their reveal to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. In 2004 they made it to #72 on the Rolling Stone list In 2017 Malcolm Young died he was the age at 64 he had a disease called dementia. Bon scott died in the 1980s after a night of drinking. All the other members are still alive today.

Brian Johnson is still in the band. He is doing the tour in America. Brian dropped out of the tour for hearing probelms. In conclusion this is why AC/Dc is the greatest Bands of all time. They had sold 200 million albums worldwide. They released may albums in 1980 and 1990. They made it in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2003.

They also have many fans around the world. They had gone through good times and bad times where they wanted to quit. They also came back to America in a couple decades they were going to do a tour.



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