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A Relaxing Place

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A Relaxing Place A relaxing place for me would be my house. There is no place like home.

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A Relaxing Place

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. You can wear what you want, say or do what you want. You don’t have to do anything. A person can really relax better in their home. Most would go somewhere special but I choose home. At home you can sleep all day and not have to worry about anything, just lay there and be lazy. You can relax in your own bedroom better than any place in the world. You have what you want in there for you. When you are home you feel safe, and like no one can ruin your good mood.

You are in your own space and you are on your own time. It is better when you have a friend at your house. It makes it a lot more fun and relaxing. You have someone to do things with rather than sit and be bored. Sometimes you want to be alone but other times when your home you would like to have someone to be with you. When you go out and do things with them, you get tired then you can go in your house and just relax. You really couldn’t do it anywhere else without feeling like something is missing. It is a lot more fun when you can just sit and relax, or go and have fun with someone at your house.

Although some people say that going to other places to relax is better than home, I still think that home is so much better. At other places you will be bothered by others, but not at your own home. You can go in your room and not be disturbed. Some say that they like to go to the public places, if you stay at home, you can have more privacy. Home is where you can go at any time to just relax and you don’t have to be disturbed. To conclude my essay, I would have to say that home is the best relaxing place you could ever go.

Everyone goes to other places and they say they are relaxed, but if you just want to be alone and not hear any noise, home is the place to be. So if people tell you to go on vacation and it will be the perfect relaxing place, just think about home. You can never get tired of your own home, I never do anyways. It is the perfect place and you have what you need right there

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