A push 1.1.4 periodization✔️

Historical thinking skills
Skills historians use to apply analyzing evidence and info 2 make sense of past
To influence judgment or perspective
Chronological reasoning
Putting events in sequence and making connections based on continuity & change
Historical narrative
Story based on historical evidence that presents ideas about what happened in past
Ability to describe, analyze, evaluate & construct models to organize history into discrete periods
4 main types of skills historians use
-Chronological reasoning
-Comparison & contextualization
-crafting historical arguments from historical evidence
– historical interpretation & synthesis
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3 historical thinking skills that make up chronological reasoning
-historical causation
-patterns of continuity & change over time
Why do historians use periodization
Allows them to emphasizes diff aspects of hits story they think is important
When does U.S. history being why is that a hard question
U.S. Could start a number of different ways depending on your perspective
For this course when does U.S. history begin
1491 one year b4 Columbus landed in the Bahamas
Why start in 1491
It’s to symbolize the king history of indigenous people who lived in North America b4 the Europeans arrived
Is bias good or bad
Neither , it’s just the perspective of point of a view a person has on things
Why is it important to know about a historians biases
It’s important because a specific historian might have in order to evaluate his or her version of history
How is a historical narrative useful
It gives shape to history do we can better understand the events and people involved
What would it be like without historical narratives
A long list of historical events without any order