A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr.

One of America’s great leaders and a powerful speaker.
Who was Martin Luther King Jr.
He spoke against the laws which kept black people out of many schools and jobs.
What did Martin Luther King speak about?
Fair laws for all people.
What did Martin Luther King want?
Atlanta, Georgia
Where was Martin Luther King born?
play baseball, football, basketball, ride his bike and sing in his father’s church.
What did young Martin like to do?
He did not understand why the color of his skin should matter.
Why did Martin cry when he was told he could no longer play with his two white friends?
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They were white and he was black.
Why was Martin told he could no longer play with his friends?
They were brought in chains and sold as slaves.
How were black brought to America?
Before Martin was born.
When were the slaves set free?
When the slaves were set free were they treated fairly?
In some parks, pools, hotels, restaurants, and even schools.
Where were black people not allowed?
no blacks allowed.
What did the “White only” signs mean?
At home before he was old enough to start school.
When did Martin learn to read?
Books about black leaders.
What did Martin read about?
two years
How early did Martin finish school?…
fifteen years old
How old was Martin when he entered college?
He became a minister.
What did Martin decide to become in college?
in college
Where did Martin meet his wife?
Coretta Scott
What was Martin’s wife’s name?
A pastor in Montgomery Alabama.
What was Martin Luther King’s first job?
Rosa Parks
Who was arrested in Montgomery?
She would not move out of a white only section on a bus so a white man could sit.
Why was Rosa Parks arrested?
He did it because Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to move out of the white only section.
Why did Martin Luther King lead a protest for blacks throughout the city refusing to ride the bus?
He was at a meeting.
Where was Dr. King when a bomb was thrown into his house?
Someone had thrown a bomb into his house.
Why were Martin’s followers angry?
Go home peacefully.
When his followers wanted to fight, what did Martin tell them?
Almost a year.
How long did the bus protest last?
There were no more white only sections on the bus.
What happened when the bus protest ended?
He lead them against white only waiting rooms, lunch counters and rest rooms.
What did he lead peaceful protest against?
The March on Washington.
What was the biggest march Dr. King led?
More than two hundred thousand black and white.
How many people followed Dr. King for his mach on Washington?
That his four children would one day not be judged by the color of their skin.
What was Dr. King’s Dream?
The Nobel Peace Prize.
Dr. King was awarded one the greatest honors any person can win. What was it?
I am free at last.
What are the words on the stone of Martin Luther King’s grave?
He led marches and stood up for what he believed in.
What did Martin Luther King, Jr. do that was brave?
He had strong beliefs.
Why was Martin Luther King, Jr. willing to put himself in danger to help others?
He led Marches.
What did Martin Luther King, Jr. do to show what his beliefs were?