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A New Fertilizer Product for Vegetables

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First, a stimulant component of fertilizer is obtained. This should not be very pricey, because we need an invention that can be used by every category of people.

The merchandise must be sufficient to supply good victuals to plants for their vigorous and long life. Another motive which has supported this research in demeanor is to reduce the quandary of blazing of tropical plants.

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A New Fertilizer Product for Vegetables

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Research Questions:

The study for manufacturing most modern fertilizers for the augmentation of vegetables is founded on the subsequent research questions:-

What is the course of action for manufacturing fertilizers?  Which nourishment is less costly? Which fertilizers can be used commercially and which ones can be used by common   public. Also, whether these fertilizers convene to the expected needs of clients or not.
Hypothesis for the Experiment:

Macrobiotic fertilizer is less expensive and will be used socially, while on the other hand, tropical plant fertilizer will be more expensive and commercially used.


To obtain low priced fertilizers, assigned to a financial group. Quality check assigned to the department of health.
Macrobiotic Fertilizer:


To produce a stimulant that can be prepared in simple steps and can be extensively used for supporting the growth of plants.

Elements used in the Manufacturing of Macrobiotic Fertilizer:

For obtaining this fertilizer, we require a variety of limes, seed feast, gypsum, fillet and kelp feast.


Mix the all 4 components of seed meals with ¼ regular limes; now add ¼ of gypsum piece in the combination. Lastly, add ½ of the dolomitic lime. To obtain the finest result, a small amount of bone feast should also be added.


By the application of macrobiotic fertilizer on crops, it is concluded that the crop growth is much healthier and faster than before.  The experiment shows that when the elements were bought in bulk, the cost was not very high, and this product is expected to be in more demand because of its lower prices (Aubrey Vaughn, April 4, 2007).

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