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A million dollars or a knighthood: what would you choose and why?

I hardly hesitated for a second before deciding my answer to this question. I would choose the money every time. Not that I am a particularly greedy person or that I don’t appreciate the ability of a title to ensure a decent table in a restaurant or a better seat on a plane.

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But the latter only works if the other person is impressed by a title.

Money is much more versatile. And it grows. With the proper advice and investments I could not only meet my own needs, but I could make even more money and so be able to help a wider number of good causes.

Even if all I did was invest the money in a luxurious house I would be helping others because of the number of people involved – lawyers, estate agents, builders, garden designers etc.

All this isn’t what I’d really do though. I would buy a mobile home and travel first before deciding where to settle. I would be able to do something really useful such as fund a new well in a remote village or buy animals and seeds for a third world agricultural project.  Many charities have a titled person as a sponsor, just because, in some cases at least, they think that a title on the headed notepaper will impress. I am still to be convinced.

And if I wanted status I could always use a little of the money to buy an ancient title such as the ones advertised on the web site Noble Titles Their prices start from only £2,000 and I would by far above any Sir and still have plenty of money in my pocket.

Titles do not pay bills, not do they fill larders, ensure commonsense or anything else really worthwhile, though I do admit that money does not quite do all of those. The title Sir was often bestowed by a grateful sovereign on some brave hero. I am just not that brave and will settle for the money. Where do I sign?