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A Guide to Writing Research Papers for Every University Students

Research papers are detailed documents containing results of an experiment or investigations.Research papers contain the details of the investigation from the gathering of data, the background of the study, materials or procedures in arriving with such conclusions and most importantly the recording and analysis of the results.

According to Thomas R.Brown1, research papers make statements then attempt to prove it by doing current research, it enables the student to pursue his own specific interests within a given area of study.

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Thus, research papers helps the student stimulate thinking in discovering and sharing his findings with the aid of a paper.

There are a lot to consider in writing a research paper, the thesis statement, the citing of the references, grammar, making the necessary footnotes and of course the selection of the topic.

What every student should know is that a research paper can only be realized once a topic is selected. Usually the selection of the topic depends upon the researcher and the course of subject regarding the topic he wishes to undertake.

It is best to read several articles regarding the topic to understand fully the topic with no difficulty. But a researcher must bear in mind that whatever topic he chooses, he must be certain that the researcher takes interest in the topic, he must select a topic that is not too broad so that references will be easy to find and most importantly the researcher will go to extreme measures in order to complete the research sacrificing time, the use of money and the need for energy.

Once a preferred topic is selected, an outline or project plan is made where random thoughts and ideas of the researcher are arranged so that the creation of the paper will easily follow.

Then the researcher will make the draft. It is advisable to make the draft with the aid of the computer so that revisions and modifications will not be hard. The draft contains the research itself but it is still subjected to revisions, it also contains your thesis statement.  A  thesis statement  tells what the research paper  is about  and its significance and.

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what the researcher intends to verify. The thesis statement must not be too broad so that specific issues can be discussed thoroughly. In the words of Zachary M. Schurg2, a thesis is an argument that can be supported by evidence, and it must have three qualities: interpretation, precision, and surprise.

In interpretation, the statement must explain what the paper intends to prove thus answering the question “why”. The second element in a thesis statement, precision, deals with the discussion of facts with accuracy which further explains the research paper. And the last element, surprise, a thesis statement must present revelations regarding the subject that the reader does not know in order to catch the researcher’s attention and give the research value.

Example of a thesis statement is: Children nowadays do not stay children, effects of the society and the media may have caused such behavior in children. Since the thesis statement is indeed a statement, it must not be in a form of a question. This statement only requires two to three sentences. The thesis statement is usually found in the introductory paragraph.

The only problem now is how to write the paper in such a fashion that everyone can understand it. Research papers, like all important documents containing information, follows rules in order to be understood by those who take interest in the topic. Generally the research paper, have margins of 1” on top, bottom and right side, and 1.5 “on the right side. The researcher must write with double line spacing with the exemption of quotations and the list of reference.

And the paper must observe font size should be 10 points or larger, Times New Roman. Page numbers should also be observed upon making the paper and must be reflected on the upper right of the paper. The paper should be justified. And of course in writing important documents of research and information grammar should be observed to avoid ridicule and mockery of the paper.

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