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A Growing Problem in the United States

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Stating this proves that it schools are a in the epidemic. The epidemic is increasing and part of it rising is the schools fault. There are thousands and thousands of children who become obese from eating school lunch. School lunches are very high in the calories. Their lunches are very unhealthy. It doesn't only make children become obese or overweight. It also ruins their health, and that is very bad. Also according to the mnn. om website "those who regularly ate the school lunch were 29 percent more likely to become obese that those who packed their own. " By learning this we know children who eat lunch has a greater percent to becoming obese. Also learning this proves that school lunch is very unhealthy. Therefore I think schools should pay attention to how their school lunch affects a child's weight. Vending machines and chool stores sell too much high calorie snacks and drinks. This needs to stop because this is another reason why childhood obesity increases from schools.

I think the vending machines and the school stores need to have healthier snacks and drinks. President Obama says "Removing unhealthy high-calorie snacks and drinks from schools is a important step toward tackling the nation's childhood obesity epidemic. " What president Obama is basically saying is that removing snacks and drinks will help to lessen childhood obesity in America. Removing is way to lessen our big trouble with children weight. Removing unhealthy snacks and drinks could give America to decrease childhood obesity.

Also president Obama said "the sale of unhealthy high-calorie snacks and drinks in school vending machines undermines these etto rts to ensure access to healthy and nutritious t in schools " Basically president Obama is trying to say selling these high calorie snacks and drinks is not supporting the decrease in childhood obesity schools should not sell unhealthy things to children. I think schools should sell healthy snacks and drinks because the students can benefit in school and use it in their daily lives.

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For example maybe if they eat healthy in school it will encourage the kids to eat healthy outside of school and if they eat healthy they don't have to worry about become obese or overweight. This gives a child a better way not to become obese or overweight. As a conclusion to this I think schools should decrease the amount of calories that are in their snacks and drinks. They should make the snacks and drinks healthier. I believe schools should wake up and look and start having more physical activities. Children in America are too overweight and they should start having more physical activity and exercise.

The perfect way for kids to exercise is at school with all their friends and for them to have fun while doing it. According to Kelly D "obesity is but one of many problems brought on by poor diet and lack of physical activity. " (Page 142) Exercise is very important way to prevent obesity. So school is Just the right place to provide children a way to prevent obesity. Children can exercise 45 minutes a day. That way children have a better chance to not end up being obese or overweight. According to Kiess W, Marcus, Claud and Wabitsch "physical activity is one of the most important factors for therapy and prevention of obesity in children.

Physical activity is a graet prevention for childhood obesity. This is another good way for children to exercise in school. It gives people who are obese a chance to not be obese anymore. Physical activity is a great and easy way to become normal in weigh. It also keeps people healthy. Children can practice all kinds of physical activities. They can have fun while doing physical activity. They can have fun exercising at the same time practicing to be healthy. Physical activity is very easy and healthy way to prevent obesity. Also the cdc. com website states that physical activity helps reduce the risk of eveloping obesity.

So if you can exercise often there is a greater chance that you're not likely to become obese then a person who eats the same as you and does not exercise. So the more you exercise the better. As a result schools should open more physical activities because if they do the amount of child hood obesity will lessen. The three ways that schools can help with childhood obesity giving healthier school lunch, lessening the high calorie snacks and drinks, and adding more physical activities in schools. I think schools need healthier lunch because children's weight can be decreased.

I also think he high calorie snacks and drinks need to be lessened in vending machines and school stores. I also think there should be more physical activities its easy and its fun. Childhood obesity need to b decreased now and schools can help. They need to give healthier lunch, decrease the amount of high calorie drinks and snacks, and they also need to add more physical activities. Childhood obesity is a big social issue in America and we can make it decreased if we get the schools involved. So we need to start as soon as possible because the rising of childhood obesity is not looking good. So let's get schools involved now.

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