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A Day I’Ll Never Forget

When you wake up in the morning; you never know what to expect. People get up as though everyday will be a normal day. People go to work or school and live their daily lives.

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The day of October 31, 2011 my daughter’s mother was induce becuase she was pass her due date. That day was crazy from waking up in the morning and the trip to the hositpal. From watching my daughter’s mother go through the pain she went through and when the time came when my daughter was born was a unrealistic feeling. The day of October 31, 2011 I will never forget that day.

My girlfriend and I woke up at five o’clock in the morning , and we said a prayer together. We got ready and left the house at 7 o’clock am. For some reason, driving to the hospital seemed to take longer than usual. I remember everything about this day as if it was yesterday. We arrived to Morton Plant Hospital and proceeded to the Labor and Delivery unit. The halls were very quiet and I remember thinking to myself this is it this is the day thats gonna change my life forever. After the doctors and the nurses induce my daughter’s mother it was nothing but a waiting period.

After a few hours, my daughter’s mother began to have some normal contractions she was able to handle them for small period of time; however, the contraction came to become more painful to her. I never wintessed anybody go thourgh no type of pain like she went thourgh. I ask her what the contractions felt like she said,” The pain is like having your insides twisted, pulled, and squeezed combined with someone stabbing you in the stomach. ” The only thing I can say to myself is ouch! After hours of toture pain she couldnt take it anymore, so she went ahead a got a epidurals.

When she got the epidural the pain easily ease away. Thank God for epidurals. The time has come after fourteen hours of been in the hospital it was time. My daughter’s mother had a dialte to ten centemeter and it was time to push . I have never been so scared it was like I was in a hunted house and I couldnt get out. After a few pushes and me almost passing out on the floor she was finally here. When my daughter arrived, I jumped up really high and scream out it’s a boy I dont know what I saw but I thought she was a boy.

She was born healthy and was the cuties baby I ever seen. I never been so happy like I was that day. The day my daughter was born I will never forget. While I’ll was expecting a baby boy; I got a beautiful baby girl. That day was a unforgetable day. From the time we woke up that morning and getting to the hositpal . Watching the labor pain my child’s mother was going thourgh was the scariest thing I ever saw. The most important feeling was watching the birth of my child. Watching the birth of my baby girl was a unrealistic feeling.

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