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A Career as a Finance Officer

Every company desires good business. Their primary goals are to earn money, spend in intelligent ways that will increase the company value, and have enough money left to stay clear of debt. It is critical that a company have good financial management in order to attain these goals.

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Without the proper direction and implementation of solid financial strategies, few companies will survive.

Upon completion of my degree, I am planning to work in the field of financial management as a finance officer.

A finance officer directs the company budget toward their financial goals, oversees investments, and the financial objectives of an organization. They may also deal with acquisitions and mergers. I am very interested in finding a position as a finance manager, where I am able to use my education, skills and enthusiasm for finance to promote a company’s interests.

It is necessary for a finance officer to be well educated, with at least a bachelor’s degree. The entry market is highly competitive and any additional experience or education obtainable is an advantage. Many companies prefer to hire financial managers with an advanced degree or some experience.

As I begin my job search, I will research each company of interest to determine their criteria for hire. I understand that some companies require entry exams or a certificate program through their company for prospective employees.

Also, it may be necessary to take a position with less responsibility or compensation in order to obtain the experience necessary to advance. My education in computers is will be an advantage since all financial and inter-office interaction is typically computer based.

My excellent communication and people skills will assist me in a position as a finance officer. Since most managers will be directly overseeing other employees, being able to direct projects, assign responsibilities and lead others towards desired goals is critical. It is also important to be able to work in a team environment and to be able to explain complex financial information in a clear way. I believe that these are some of my strong points.

A successful finance officer is one who is willing to constantly learn and grow in their field. They must change in response to technological developments and data analysis techniques. They must stay on top of the current trends and information in the financial field and they need to be aware of current tax laws governing their industry.

Various seminars and workshops are available for continuing education, which may or may not be required, but are always a good idea. The Internet provides much of the current information in the finance world, but trade journals deliver cutting edge information.

The Financial Management Association International, based at the College of Business Administration at the University of South Florida in Tampa (http://www.fma.org/) publishes a quarterly and a bi-annual journal (http://www.fma.org/jaf.htm), and the Association for Financial Professionals in Bethesda, Maryland (http://www.afponline.org/), offers a monthly publication.

Both of these regularly have articles about current research, software development, and information of interest to those in finance fields. They post meeting minutes and notifications of available workshops as well.