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90 Basic Writing Topics With Sample Essays (Q61-90)



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Q61.Can advertising give you a wealth of information about a country?

Q62.Do you prefer outdoor activities to indoor activities?


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If you were given the chance to change one thing about your hometown, what would it be?


Q64. Do you think success can only be achieved through hard work and that luck has nothing to do with it?

Q65. What are the reasons why you would either support or oppose a plan to build a new restaurant In your neighborhood?

Q66. Do you think people should sometimes do things that they don’t particularly enjoy doing?

Q67. Are the effects of human activity on earth beneficial or harmful?

Q68. Would you rather spend gift money on jewelry or concert tickets?


Q69. Is it right to never give up and just working for your goals?

Q70. would you do if you found out that you would die in Six months?

Q71. Do you prefer repetitively doing things you know over learning new tasks?  

Q72. If you were to make a change to your hometown that would be most appealing to people from your age group, what would it be and why?

Q73. If you could be given one superpower, what would it be? Why?

Q74. Would you rather work as an employee, be self-employed, or own a business?

Q75. Are automobiles good or bad?

Q76. Would you say that the best way to travel is tn tour group led by a guide?

Q77. If you were given the chance to meet any famous entertainer or athlete of your choice who would you choose and why?

Q78 Do you prefer having a few close friends or are you more comfortable having a large group of friends?

Q79. What are the advantages and disadvantages of building new university within your community?

Q80. What are the pros and cons of children spending a lot of time to practice and train for sports?

Q81. Does a person have to earn a lot of money to be considered successful?

Q82. What is the one thing that you can do to help improve your community?

Q83. Except for clothes and personal care items, what is the single most important thing that you take with you on trips?

Q84. What is your favorite way of keeping yourself healthy and why?

Q85. What is your dream home like?

Q86. If you saw someone being bullied, would you help him/her or simply pass by?

Q87. If you could choose to live eternally, would you do so?

Q88. What do vou do in your leisure time and why do you enjoy it?

Q89. What are the most striking details of the attractions in your home country?

Q90. What is the most useful skill that you have learned from your mother or father?