8th Grade English – Notes on Essay Writing

A lead is the beginning of any phase of writing. This is the first sentence of your introduction paragraph.
Three Types of Lead
Action: A character or characters is/are doing something.
Reaction: A character/characters is/are thinking.
Dialogue: Two or more characters are speaking.
The Introduction Paragaraph
-Grab your reader’s attention
-Let your reader know what to expect in your essay. Don’t explain in detail. This is what your body paragraphs are for. Try not to repeat yourself.
-State your thesis — this should always be the last sentence of your introduction paragraph.
-Always the last sentence of your introduction paragraph.
-tells the reader what your essay is about.
Techniques for Leads
How can I grab my reader’s attention?
-Ask a question: Make sure you do NOT answer your question in your introduction or your reader will have no reason to continue reading.
-Quotation: Begin a conversation or dialogue.
-Make a bold or shocking statement: Make your reader listen.
-Tell a brief story: Start your essay with a very short story.