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Luckily, I met a new English teacher in my secondary school. In that time, our class girls were enthralled by an American pop stars -Jesse McCarty. We often played his song in leisure time.

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The teacher knew that she used Jesses song to teach us the meaning of lyrics. Also she encouraged we should be form interest to learning. Usually she recommended American drama and movie to us. I appreciate such teacher to understand student’s situation, so that since that time we concentrate on English classes till now.

In addition, I am going to attend a high diploma life for 20 months. I recognize that I have to enter the society after these months so I will enjoy my student life and through the regular classes and supplementary course to improve my English tankard Indeed, I have to say that I love to attend EPA classes because I can learn different kind of English as well as some aspect of knowledge such like What is consciousness, In this topic, I may attempt to figure out what is the different between science and philosopher.

Then, there are some passages are very interesting like exploring the nature of illness; I find that we are often insensible to use irrational methods but related to our culture. It is vital to enhance my comprehension in reading English. Moreover, there are many opportunities for students to have conversations with there in English and a lot of presentations in school. Besides, the teacher usually gives us spaces to argue and fight for our own opinions, like Do you agree canned foods is important when we are in foods of shortage?

I foresee that participating in all these section, I will get my skill of presentation well. Furthermore, it can train my speaking in English fluently. Since I lack of confident on English performance, through this practice I can speak confidently in English. On the other hand, there are completely using English in classes so that I have a great environment to listen and peak English accurately What is more, I have Joined the course of English for metropolitan life.

It is a good complementary system to use at home or in school. During these 20 months, I would like to take the class, use telephone English and Join the activities to cultivate an English environment. I have heard from my classmate there are having fun in activities, he said that you are easy to express yourself in English because you are playing games. At last, In order to obtain a chance to be a university student, I would like to Join LILTS examination after 20 months. I hope that I will score 6. 5.