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6 Things An Entrepreneur Can Learn From Sports

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Everyone must be aware about the Indian shooter, the world and Olympic Champion, Abhinav Singh Bindra. He has made our nation proud at every step he has taken. Born on September 28, 1982, in Dehradun, the Indian shooter is known for the 10m Air Rifle event. This was the event where he made India proud by bringing gold medal in the country.

But do you know that, reaching at this height was not a cake walk for him. There was a time when Bindra achieved a score of 590 in the 2000 Olympics, placing him 11th in the qualification round which meant that he did not qualify for the finals as only the top eight competed in the finals.

We meet with Bindra during Franchise India 2016 show where he shared the pearl of wisdom among aspiring entrepreneurs and told them what they can learn from Sports.

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1. Set unrealistic goals

2. Process is more important than outcome

3. Team effort is must

4. Get Going

5. Yesterday never comes

6. Give your best effort every day

6 Things An Entrepreneur Can Learn From Sports essay

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