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5 Student Hurdles and How To Overcome Them

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It’s not always fun and games being a student – with pressures of time, money and work weighing down on you it can be stressful.

There are a few major concerns that most students face at some time during their university careers. Here are 5 common concerns, and what you can do to alleviate them.

1.I’m Never Going to Find a Job

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This is something a lot of third year and post graduate students start to think about as the end of university approaches. It might seem that unless you did a degree in Engineering, Medicine or Law – where it’s quite obvious what roles you might move into – the post-graduation job search could be difficult. Your degree might not provide an obvious indication to how you might use what you have been studying. But the truth is – many graduate schemes and employers look for graduates from a range of degrees because studying and getting a degree alone shows that you have the capacity to research, reason, write, debate and perform under pressure.

2. My Dissertation isn’t good enough

It’s quite common for students to start to feel like their dissertation is way off track; after all, you’ve been performing self-guided study, research and writing for the last few months – it would be easy to feel a bit lost without your lecturers guidance. However, many tutors are more than happy to offer advice and insight into your work and will offer their time to answer any questions or fears you might have. If you would like some help making sure your dissertation gets a passing grade, then our site offer dissertation writing and editing services.

3.I’m all alone

When the pressure is on with rent due, deadlines looming and – for many students – being far away from home – it can start to feel like you are very isolated from anyone who can help you. However, there are loads of services around that are designed for students who feel like this – many universities offer free counselling services where you can drop in and speak to a qualified professional. If you are feeling isolated with your studies, websites like our site can really help support you in your academic research and writing concerns.

4.I don’t know how to meet people and make friends

One of the hardest challenges of being a student and going to a new city or place is meeting people. This is a problem felt by a lot of international students who have travelled from overseas to study. There are lots of things you can do if you are struggling to make new friends – join a sports club or society, or do some volunteer work with a local charity. All of these activities are great ways to meet like-minded people, and they also look great on your CV – double bonus!

5.I can’t stay healthy while I’m a student!

Many students often complain that the cost of eating healthy is too much – after all a Pot Noodle costs a lot less than a big mixed salad! However, you shouldn’t ever compromise on your diet or exchange healthy food for quick snacks and – more commonly in the case of students – beer! Manage your finances more carefully, shop at more affordable supermarkets, and do not put drinking alcohol ahead of a healthy diet!

5 Student Hurdles and How To Overcome Them essay

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