288.3 Fantasies of Power

1. What were the top five jobs for women in 2007
Secreteries, retail and personal sales workers (cashiers), managers and administrators, elementary school teachers, and registered nurses.
2. How do the earnings of women compare with men, one year out of college
They earn 80% of what men make.
3. How do earnings of women compare with men, 10 years out of college
They earn 69% of what men make.
4. If you immerse yourself in the media fare of the past ten years what do you
A rather large gap between how the vast majority of girls and women live their lives, the choices they are forced to make, and what they see- and don’t see – in the media.
5. What is the current media illusion
That equality for girls and women is an accomplished fact when it isn’t.
6. What are the fantasies of power that the media give us
That purchasing power and sexual power are much more gratifying than political or economic power.
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7. What emerged as the dominant way for women to empower themselves
Buying the right stuff, and a lot of stuff.
8. What are the seductive fantasies of power directed at young women
Being decorative.
9. What message are we getting under the guise of escapism and pleasure
We are getting images of imagined power that mask, and even erase, how much still remains to be done for girls and women, images that make sexism seem fine, even fun, and insist that feminism is now utterly pointless.
10. How are the appeals to older women different than the ones to younger
Older women get the iron-clad women on the 10pm strip. The younger girls’ fantasies and appeals have been much more commercial and retrograde: true power comes from shopping, logos, and being hot.
11. How are the different fantasies of power for older and younger women
actually the same
Both contribute to the false assumption that for women, all has been won. There is no more need for feminist politics.
12. What two forces does Douglas identify as contributing to the current media
Embedded feminism – the way in which women’s achievements, or their desire for achievement, are simply part of the cultural landscape. And enlightened sexism.
13. What is enlightened sexism
A response, deliberate or not, to the perceived threat of a new gender regime. Insists that women have made plenty of progress bc of feminism and full equality has been achieved.
14. According to enlightened sexism, where does women’s power come from
Through their calculated deployment of their faces, bodies, attire, and sexuality that they gain and enjoy true power.
15. How is the appearance of enlightened sexism different than its intent
It is feminist in its outward appearance and sexist in its intent.
16. What is enlightened sexism dedicated to
The undoing of feminism
17. What does enlightened sexism crucially rest upon
Ageism, on severing young women from elders.
18. Who does enlightened sexism ignore
Girls and women who are not middle/upper class, rich, nor white.
19. What does enlightened sexism make pleasurable for women
20. According to Rosalind Gill, what is the extreme sexism of Maxim often
used as evidence of
The extremeness of the sexism is evidence that there’s no sexism!
21. What is the final key component of enlightened sexism
Irony – the cultivation of the ironic, knowing viewer and the deployment of ironic sexism.
22. What does irony mean
It offers the following fantasy of power: the ppl on the creen may be rich, spoiled, or beautiful, but the viewer gets to judge and mock them and is thus above them.
23. How do embedded feminism and enlightened sexism reinforce each other
They both overstate women’s gains and accomplishments, and they both render feminism obsolete.
24. What does “can do” feminism substitute for
Our own individual efforts, and our own responsibility to succeed, for what used to be a more collective sensibility about pushing for changes that would help all women.
25. What does the war between embedded feminism and enlightened sexism act as
It’s a powerful choke leash, letting women venture out, offering fantasies of power, control, and love, and then pulling us back in.
26. For what was there no social movement needed
To allow pudgy, unattractive men access to the top.
27. What kinds of mirror are media
Reflecting reality, whatever that is, back to the public
28. According to Douglas, where are most of us located in relation to media
In the complicated and contradictory terrain of negotiation
29. What does Douglas not want us to forget
That in the US, we have the flimsiest support network for mothers and children of any industrialized country, an estimated 1.9 million women are assaulted each year by husbands.
30. What is the happy illusion that media convey
50% of women and 60% of men are convinced that there are no longer any barriers to women’s advancement in the workplace
30. When do you matter in America
When you are a market
31. What does Douglas think may be the most empowering act of all
Laughter – especially derisive laughter.