1920s study guide- Vocab

Favoring the interests of native-born people over foreign born people
Opposition to political and economic entanglements with other countries
An economic and political system based on one-party government and state ownership of property
Quota System
A system that sets limits on how many immigrants from various countries a nation will admit each year
Warren G. Harding
President at the beginning of the 1920s. His presidency was filled with scandal
Teapot Dome Scandal
Involved the Secretary of the Interior leasing oil-rich lands to private companies in return for money at the governments expense
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Calvin Coolidge
Took over as President after Harding passed away, he was very pro-business and had a laissez faire or hands-off approach to the economy
Urban Sprawl
The unplanned and uncontrolled spreading of cities into surrounding regions
Installment Plan
An arrangement in which a purchaser pays over an extended time, without having to put down much money at the time of purchase
The banning of the manufacture, sale, and possession of alcoholic beverages
A place where alcoholic drinks were sold and consumed illegally during prohibition
A person who smuggled alcoholic beverages into the United States during prohibition
A Protestant religious movement grounded in the belief that all stories and details in the Bible are literally true
One of the free-thinking young women who embraced the new fashions and urban attitudes of the 1920s
Charles Lindbergh
Piloted the first solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic in his plane the Spirit of St. Louis
Great Migration
The large scale movement of African-Americans from the South to Northern cities in the early 20th Century
Harlem Renaissance
A flowing of African-American artistic creativity during the 1920s, centered in the Harlem community of New York City