17 Business & Society Ethics

New Social Contract
513 Driven by globalization, and the worldwide economic recession. Expansive employee rights
515 Assistance to laid off employees. Example of a market failure control tool
employee rights
515 moral rights, lawful rights
Statuory Rights
516 Civil rights act of 1964, right to know, things to keep employees treated equal, ethical, and healthy
Collective barganing
516 A process for Unions and companies to get rights for employees, but keep the business afloat
Enterprise rights
516 the right to be free from intimidation, to speak out if there is a problem, due process in discipline of an employee, and have a job clearly defined.
Good Cause Norm
518 Employees should be discharged with good cause. brings up the terms unjust dismissal
Employment at will doctrine
518 based on private party rights, an employer has the right to discharge voluntary contracts at any time. If you aren’t part of a union, the employer can fire you at any point for any reason.
Public policy exception
518 protects employees from being fired after refraining to commit crimes or let employers take advantages of basic rights
Implied contract exception
519 giving out student handbooks with rules is an aimplied contract, and can be held to those restrictions
good faith principle
519 employers must give employees a chance to improve performance before termination
due process
521 the right to acknoledge complaints and torts fairly
Open door policy
523 an alternatice dispute resolution tactict that senior level employees can always be reached for disputes in the workforce
523 A swedish word meaning “one who investigates reported complaints and helps get settlements
Mandatory arbitration
524 a neutral party resolves a dispute, and the resolution is binding
1978 civil reform act
529 protection for federal employes who expose illegal, corrupt, or wasteful government activities