Self-hosted blogs are not taken as seriously as hosted blogs because they take less time to create and maintain
The ease of use of creating a website now means that there is a lot of content out there, so much so that it’s difficult for even the high quality content to stand out.
According to the text, becoming a successful blogger is so difficult that over 50% of blogs are abandoned within the first 90 days.
The long tail is important because it explains why a few popular blogs see large, generic audiences.
Blogging is a unique platform because it allows for the sharing of expanded content and more fully developed ideas than other social media channels.
Blogging is a unique platform because it allows for the sharing of expanded content and more fully developed ideas than other social media channels.
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It is more effective to cover multiple topics in a single blog post, as it keeps readers coming back for more.
When dealing with a controversial post, it is safest to just delete it
Linking to new posts on other social platforms is a good idea because it provides additional opportunities for your audience to find the content
What is a blog
Any social media website that allows a user to post updates
The easiest part of blogging is
setting up a blog
How has the internet changed?
Users can now create content in addition to consuming it
Syndication is important for blogs because
it allows bloggers to promote content in other channels to new audiences
What makes the Marriott blog stand out from other corporate blogs?
It is not about disseminating press releases.
Which of the following is not a marketing benefit of blogging?
Allows a company to control the marketing message.
A content strategy is important for a blog because
It helps a blogger create relevant content the audience will engage with
Specialized, niche content is
the best way to build a blog audience
Robert Scoble
Was able to build a blog-based focus group for Microsoft and help the company respond to user feedback.
A catchy title on a blog post should not
Be overly long or vague
If blog updates occur less than once a week,
It runs the risk of being seen as not engaged.
Which of the following is a true statement?
There has been tremendous growth in social media monitoring software, especially for blogs.
Podcasts are usually streaming content played off of a computer
A modern podcast is differentiated by the fact that it can be automatically updated and delivered via RSS.
When developing a podcast, it is important to determine the length of the podcast before you identify the content.
Podcasting is a much easier social media tactic than blogging.
Webinars require more up-front promotion than podcasts.
Webinars are a great tool for gauging audience reaction.
It is important to always include a promotional message or call to action in a webinar.
Podcasts have longer shelf lives than webinars, as they can be accessed long after they have been recorded.
A podcast is
An episodic digital audio or video file that can be downloaded conveniently.
The important breakthrough that made podcasting possible was
The development of RSS technology.
What should be considered when determining how long a podcast should be?
The proposed format and amount of content available.
Adam Curry faced all of the following challenges with podcasting, except:
Convincing people that podcasting was worthwhile.
Why should you stick to a specific topic or focus when determining the content for a podcast?
Targeting a specific audience means it will likely have more appeal to that segment
According to the text, why is it important to choose an articulate host or moderator for a podcast?
Recorded audio can amplify speaking quirks.
How are podcasts delivered to an audience?
Via podcast hosting directories
One of the challenges with using podcasts in a marketing plan is
The commitment required to creating the podcast content.
What is one disadvantage to hosting advertising on your podcast?
The risk of driving off listeners and negatively affecting your subscriber base.
The primary difference between a podcast and a webinar is
A webinar is designed to be interactive.
What is one way to create interaction during a webinar?
Including polls whose results are displayed during the webinar
Which of the following is a true statement?
Webinars are a better format for training sessions.
The term “No Follow” means that an article has been penalized by search engines and is omitted from search engine results.
An article title needs to create some incentive to read the article.
White papers typically have at least 10 pages of text, are double spaced, and include sources.
An overt goal is one that is not directly mentioned in a white paper or e-book.
A professional white paper typically requires research, writing, editing, and review.
Using marketing jargon in a white paper helps it appear more educational and credible.
E-books are considered more prestigious than white papers.
The primary goal for creating white papers, e-books or articles is to build a company’s thought leadership and expertise in an area, ultimately generating sales leads.
What is an article directory?
A website where users submit articles for syndication.
The primary difference between articles found in directories and those in newspapers and magazines is that
Directory articles are better optimized for search engines.
An article differs from a blog in what way?
An article is longer and goes into more detail.
What is the first step when publishing and distributing an article as part of a marketing strategy?
Identify the content that will interest the target audience.
A white paper is defined as
A technical document that describes how a product solves a particular problem.
White papers are generally intended to
Help consumers before they make a purchase
Why are interviews important when writing a white paper?
They may provide new information that is not widely known.
Why should a white paper include visual aids, short paragraphs and informative titles?
To ensure it is easy for readers to scan.
What content is important to include in a white paper?
Industry specific acronyms and marketing phrases.
How does an e-book differ from a white paper?
An e-book is written in a lighter tone.
The text identifies what mistake that companies make with white paper and e-book marketing?
Treating them as a pure marketing platform.
Which of the following is a true statement?
E-books and white papers have a high perceived value.
YouTube only became a leader in online video sharing after it was purchased by Google in 2006.
Social media is an important tool for video sharing sites because most of them rely on advertising revenue.
Online video can act like an infomercial by showcasing a product’s features and benefits.
It is easy to creative a video that accomplishes marketing objectives and goes viral.
One benefit of focusing on delivering content to a core audience is that it can result in higher conversion rates.
Tertiary sharing is the easiest step in sharing videos online
One way to make video sharing easier is to ensure each video has descriptive keywords, tags and a title.
Why has video sharing increased in popularity?
The cost of video equipment has declined.
What is a reason for YouTube’s popularity?
It integrates easily with other social media platforms
One reason that video creates a stronger connection with consumers is
Because viewers are more vested in content when there is a human face attached.
Why were Blendtec’s videos so successful?
They showed the benefits of the product in a creative and entertaining manner.
Using real people in actual locations when creating a video is an example of
Brevity is important when creating videos because
People have short attention spans.
Which of the following is a true statement?
Secondary sharing is the most important stage to establishing a video’s audience.
The most popular channel used to share information online is
Why is user generated content is taken more seriously by consumers?
It is seen as unaffiliated.
What was the main challenge identified in the Old Spice Guy case study?
Positioning the body way as masculine while marketing to women.
Why is the continuity of a theme important with videos?
It is more likely to convince a viewer to watch other videos and to subscribe to a channel.
Photo sharing sites are a form of social networks.
Flickr was the first photo sharing site.
Image sharing can help drive web traffic to a website.
Unlike video sharing and other social media tools, target audiences are not as important for photo sharing.
Typically the most popular images are those that are carefully planned and staged.
Flickr has become the preferred platform of smartphone users.
What is behind the growth in photo sharing?
The growth of smartphones.
What is a photo sharing site?
A website that allows users to upload photos for public or private viewing.
Which of the following does not describe a photo sharing site?
It allows users to tag photos with relevant keywords.
The first photo sharing site was
Which photo sharing website was first used by the White House official photographer?
Why is it important for a company to stay connected on a photo sharing site?
Interacting with other users helps draw people back to your content.
What is a worry that companies may have about sharing photos?
Trade secrets may be uncovered through the images they share.
Which statement is false?
A photo sharing strategy will require a large time commitment.
One of the challenges faced by the Library of Congress was
Making historical materials easier to find for educational purposes.
Stock photography is
Professional photography produced by agencies or photo libraries.
Which statement is true?
Tagging images with relevant keywords helps users find images easier.
Flickr appeals mostly to
Photographers and those who appreciate high quality artistic photos.