One of the features of sports events such as football games is that they are
Which of the following is one of the main features of a sport product:
Sales promotion is a major part of sport/event marketing because
the industry is so highly competitive.
What is the first thing you should understand when setting out to develop “out-of-the-box” sales promotion ideas for your game/event?
There is no particular source or technique
Brian needs to generate some “out-of-the-box” sales promotion ideas for an upcoming tennis tournament. He’s not sure how to start, but he does know that the tournament’s marketers want to reach the 18-to-35-year-old crowd. How is Brian prepared for inspiration?
He knows his target market
When you ask, “What does this sales promotion offer to customers?” which step in the process of generating “out-of-the-box” sales promotion ideas are you completing?
Determine incentive
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When you ask, “How will my customers receive this sales promotion?” which step in the process of generating “out-of-the-box” sales promotion ideas are you completing?
Determine delivery
Which of the following is a consideration when implementing a ticket sales campaign:
Immediate accessibility
Yield management is a way that sport/event marketers address product pricing issues when they want to maximize revenue but have
limited capacity
Wintergreen Ski Area knows that the area will be most successful if it bases its pricing structure on
what the market will bear
The additional cost of paying for parking and buying refreshments and programs is part of the overall ____________ of attending a concert
In sports and entertainment marketing, the concept of price includes not only the cost of a ticket to an event but also the
value of the overall experience
Which of the following is a tangible benefit of purchasing a surfboard:
It has a wrist strap to keep it connected to you in the water
Which of the following is a company-focused pricing objective for sport/event products:
Enhancing image
Why might a sport/event organization price entry fees for a marathon below the normal rate?
To encourage maximum participation
When prices go up or down, the change can affect how much of the sport/event product customers purchase. This is a general of
Which pricing strategy sets prices lower than those of the competition?
To attract visitors at times of the year when the demand is typically low, an amusement park charges less money for admission. What pricing strategy does this situation exemplify?
Seasonal pricing
Ticket prices for the World Series increase dramatically, but all the games still sell out. The price change had little to no impact on sales. This is an example of __________ demand
Which of the following factors is most likely to cause people to not want to return to the annual fireworks show that attracts hundreds of thousands of people to the downtown area:
A stadium designed with more female rest rooms than male rest rooms is responding to which of the following customer expectations
Adequate facilities
When attending a sporting event, most fans expect that the facility will provide them with a(n)
safety environment
What is a primary consideration for fans who are attending a professional football game in a large city?
Availability of parking space
The purpose of designing an event program that contains space for advertisements is to
generate more revenue
What do professional sport teams design for use during games that often become promotional tools because fans take them home?
When a sport organization employee creates a promotional script for a sport announcer to read during a pregame award ceremony, the employee should
identify name pronunciations that might be difficult to read
Which of the following do event organizers often include in an event to add interest and excitement to the event:
Celebrity appearance
Which of the following is an example of a business using a celebrity’s appearance to attract customers to an event:
A rock star signs copies of his/her latest CD at a store’s grand opening
A charity organization is holding a fundraising event in New York. The event will include a dinner prepared by the chef of a five-star restaurant and an upscale style show. To generate interest, the event organizers plan to have a celebrity serve as master of ceremonies for the event. Who would be the most appropriate person to fulfill this role?
Bella Marie, a well-known international fashion model
When making appearances at special events, a well-known rock star asks that the event organizer to pay for the air travel, lodging, and meals for his/her band and back-up singers. These requirements are examples of
rider terms
After event organizers released information to the press that a well-known country singer will perform at an upcoming fundraiser, ticket sales for the event increased dramatically. This situation exemplifies how a celebrity appearance can
stimulate interest in an event
Author Randall McPeak’s new thriller, Race to the End of Time, was recently released. McPeak’s publisher arranged for him to do book signings and readings at several bookstores across the country. The author’s appearances are beneficial to the bookstores because
their sales will likely increase
A stadium deciding to place messages and team logos on electronic boards is an example of selecting
event signage
To obtain the most exposure during a sporting event, the best logo placement opportunity for businesses is on
race cars
A soft-drink manufacturer is a sponsor for a professional baseball team. Which of the following signage placement options would provide the most exposure to the manufacturer’s products:
Interior wall of the outfield
What is the advantage to a business of placing signage on the outfield stadium wall during a televised professional baseball game?
Increases brand awareness
How do sponsors typically use signage at sports events?
As promotional tools
To develop long-term relationships with fans, professional sport teams should
build emotional connections with them
What is a benefit of establishing good relationships with sport/event customers and fans?
Long-term loyalty
A lottery system is an equitable way of selling tickets to school alumni when the demand for college football tickets
is higher than the available supply
How can sport/event marketers establish positive relationships with their customers/clients?
Communicate specific benefits
In precall planning, the salesperson focuses on learning more about the
When planning for a presentation, salespeople should develop scripts to
jog their memory during a presentation
When writing a script for a sales presentation, a salesperson should use language that is
positive, precise, and pertinent
When preparing for a sales presentation, a salesperson decides to greet a prospective customer by asking if she would like to save money on office supplies. This is often called the _______________ approach
When customizing a presentation, the salesperson determines a prospect’s needs by developing a
customer profile
Which of the following selling options is one that sport/event marketers are most likely to use to reach individual season ticket holders:
Direct mail
A sports marketer has developed a sales packet that contains a team brochure, schedule, and a season ticket application. Why should all of the materials have the same basic appearance?
To indicate that the materials are all from one organization
What is a step in the sales presentation process that salespeople should prepare for in advance?
When preparing handout for a sales presentation, it is important for a salesperson to know the __________ of the audience
Why should salespeople create favorable impressions during the initial contact with sport/event customers?
First impressions are difficult to change
To increase revenue, professional baseball and football teams often sell advertising that appears
on the back of tickets
To sell advertising space in an event program, the first thing Kyle should do is
develop a list of local businesses to contact
A primary reason that sport/event marketers sell advertising space in their programs is to
generate revenue
Camille is developing a rate card for advertising space in her school’s yearbook. Which of the following layouts is the most expensive for advertisers to purchase?
1/2 page four-color
Rachel is selling program advertisements for a marching band competition that her high school is hosting. Which of the following sales prospects is most likely to purchase ad space in the program?
Local music shop
When selling advertising space in sport/event programs, it is important for marketers to give their customers the
advertisement specifications