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National Honor Society

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First of all, it is a great honor to even be nominated for NHS. When I got the letter saying I was nominated, I felt a little relieved. I felt relieve because this is it.

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This is why I’ve worked so hard in school; this is why I spend countless hours doing homework. I realized that all of my hard work is finally paying off. I could help the NHS by dedicating my own time to participate in fundraisers, encouraging other students to do their best on their schoolwork, and try their best in everything that they do.

There were times when my schoolwork got very hard. With playing soccer, taking care of my family, and balancing school together, it would’ve been easy to just give up, but being the diligent student that I am, I stuck it out. I tried my best, and even if the grade on those papers weren’t the best, I did my best on the following papers to make up for it. Hard work does pay off. I get extremely connected to the things I’m a part of. For example, when I play soccer, I forget about everything that happened during school or the day before and I just focus on the game.

This has always been one of the achievements I hoped to accomplish during my High School academic career. Whenever I heard about scholarships for college, National Honor Society was always in the mix. With my future goals focused on becoming a doctor, dedication to my education is must. Being able to apply to college as a member of the National Honor Society would tell the Admissions Board that I am serious about my schoolwork. I look forward to not only have NHS help me, but also be an active member of the organization itself.