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Jackie Robinson Assessment

Essay Topic:

1. Many people agree that Robinson was not the best player in the Negro League in the mid 1940s. If so why did Rickey choose him? Because he wasn’t looking for the best baseball player, he was looking for a player who was talented, with a background beyond criticism, with an unshakable self-control and with a good winner attitude.

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He thought that Robinson would be ideal to break the color line of the Major League Baseball teams, plus he was a very good player.

2. Do you think professional sports would be the same today if it had not been for Robinson? I think Robinson played a very big role in the history of sports in America because today some of the most watched sports in the country like baseball (MLB) or basketball (NBA) are mostly formed by African-American players. If it had not been for Robinson I think sports in America wouldn’t be the same as they are now.

3. Do you think Robinson’s success with the Dodgers had any impact beyond sports? I think Robinson’s success with the Brooklyn Dodgers had a very big impact beyond sports because since he made it to an all white league and be actually successful in it, it motivated to other players of all negro leagues to became better and try to make it to this new opportunity that they had. I think Robinson played a big role in the history of sports of America and that’s why now he’s one of the biggest names in history of baseball.